Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding

HEERF Funding

Kishwaukee College has received COVID-19 relief money from the federal and state governments. Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) include CARES, GEERS, CRRSAA and American Rescue Plan

Relief Funds Summary

Support services

Since March 2020, Kishwaukee College has increased support and removed barriers to assist students with their financial challenges brought on by the pandemic. Support efforts include:

  1. Textbook Loan Program — The program has been significantly expanded. For Spring 2022, registered students will receive textbooks and required digital materials FREE.
  2. Childcare Support — The recently remodeled Early Learning Center at Kish is providing free childcare for credit students enrolled for Spring 2022.
  3. Transportation Support — Transportation to Kish is available from DeKalb/Sycamore and Rochelle communities through TransVAC and LOTS. Free bus passes will be available to credit students enrolled for Spring 2022.
  4. Laptop/Chromebook Loan ProgramSupporting students and their technology needs is a priority. An increased supply of laptops and Chromebooks are available for students in need.
  5. Champions FundEmergency funding is available to students who experience unexpected costs throughout the semester, including car, medical, housing, food or other basic necessities.
  6. COVID-19 Relief Support Stipend — Financial support to currently enrolled students to cover educational expenses incurred during the pandemic. The CARES student disbursement was awarded in Spring 2020. The CRRSAA student disbursement was awarded to students enrolled in Spring & Summer 2021. ARP funds were awarded to students enrolled in Fall 2021 & Spring 2022.

American Rescue Plan (ARP) FAQs


ARP — American Rescue Plan
CARES — Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
CRRSAA — Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations
GEERS — Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund
HEERF — Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

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