Civility Statement

Civility Statement

Kishwaukee College embraces an environment, which is conducive to learning and fosters a culture of mutual respect.

Our commitment to civility requires intentional cooperation, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusiveness, kindness, compassion, courtesy and patience. It is expressed not only in the words we choose, but also in our tone, demeanor and action.

As an institution of higher learning, we seek to understand our differences and build connections that increase knowledge, understanding and community strength. 


Respect — All students, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees are committed to respecting one another through open communication, honesty and empathy.
Safety — Everyone has the right to be in a safe, civil environment, in all aspects of human relations.
Acceptance — The diversity of our community and our college is a strength, and no one should be made to feel inferior or treated as anything other than a human being worthy of respect.
Positivity — Each individual is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive place to learn and to work where everyone can flourish.
Appreciation — We value the civil contributions and opinions of everyone.

We agree that civility and respect are not rules; they are standards to be encouraged and supported by all members of the community in all settings. Civility begins with each of us, and we take responsibility for our own choices and actions. As silence can be perceived as consent, we each have the right and obligation to speak out against incivility.

All members of the Kishwaukee College community agree to uphold the above commitments.

Endorsed March 14, 2023, by Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees, Kishwaukee College President, Kishwaukee College Education Association, Kishwaukee College Support Staff, Kishwaukee College Adjunct Education Association, and Student Trustee

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