Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Why Study Modern Languages?

  1. Students who study modern languages learn a lot about their own language and culture.
  2. Students proficient in other languages and cultures are more marketable – especially those who can communicate in Spanish, given the dramatic increase in the Spanish-speaking population both locally and throughout the United States.
  3. Students who study other languages learn about other cultures and develop a broader understanding of our position in the global community.
  4. Students who travel abroad get much more out of their experience if they can speak the local language and interact with the locals to get a true taste of what life is like in their country. Kishwaukee College offers Study Abroad opportunities in several countries utilizing modern languages.

Modern Languages at Kishwaukee College

Like most colleges and universities, Kishwaukee College offers a series of 100-level and 200-level courses in Spanish. These courses cover all of the grammatical structures and much of the high-frequency and topical vocabulary students need for effective communication. These courses also teach culture and provides students the opportunity to improve communicative competence in the language through intensive practice with the various communicative functions of language.

Modern Languages ONLINE at Kishwaukee College

Kishwaukee College offers many Modern Languages courses online. Check out the Credit Course Schedule or contact Student Services at 815-825-9375 or email for more information.

Language Proficiency Examinations

Kishwaukee College offers credit by proficiency examination for Spanish 101, 102, and 201. Students interested in taking proficiency examinations for these courses should inquire at Student Services (C2100) for more information. The non-refundable cost for each exam is $15 per semester hour. Students receiving a grade of C, a score of 70% or higher on a proficiency exam are awarded three credit hours for the corresponding course.