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Increasing educational requirements in the fields of law enforcement, courts, corrections, and security demand that students planning for a future in public service set their goals early to prepare themselves for a challenging and rewarding career in this rapidly changing field. Our Criminal Justice program is designed to help you set those goals and prepare for your future in the field.

Newly hired officers must meet certain requirements before becoming certified by the State. Officers must attend one of six police training academies and complete a 400-hour basic training program and a 40-hour firearms training course. Officers must also pass a written test and physical fitness test. Many police departments now require new officers to have a college education. Research has indicated that college educated officers perform their tasks better; are better writers and speakers; and are better able to deal with different cultures, races, and lifestyles.

Faculty members in the Criminal Justice program at Kishwaukee College have all served in their respective fields, offering real-world perspectives. The program also provides students with opportunities to gain an understanding of public service through credit-bearing internships with area law enforcement agencies.

Career Cluster Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
This program is part of the Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Cluster.

Degree Choices

Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year university generally enroll in the Associate in Science degree and should refer to the advisement code #147 in the catalog for course selection. This curriculum suggests several criminal justice courses to complement the larger number of general education courses. This transfer curriculum does plan for a smooth transfer to Roosevelt University, Aurora University, and Western Illinois University, all in Illinois. For students who are interested in completing the Associate in Applied Science degree prior to transfer, Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio has an online, Bachelor degree program that is another option for students. This curriculum requires a higher proportion of criminal justice courses for graduation. Students who do not plan to transfer after graduation from Kishwaukee College generally choose to complete the Associate in Applied Science degree.

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Many are called to public service, to protect the people and their property and to uphold our Constitutional rights, but only a select few have the character, perseverance, and courage to answer that call.

Those with education and training in criminal justice work as agents, officers, investigators, inspectors, and rangers for a variety of employers including courts, correction departments, law firms, the military, parks, private organizations, and insurance companies.

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Joseph Przybyla, Criminal Justice Instructor
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