Areas of Interest

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Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest (AoI) are exploratory programs that allow students to focus on an area of interest before landing on a specific career path. It allows you more time to decide on a program while you explore career and academic options. By concentrating on courses in your AoI, you ensure the classes your take will set you in the right direction and allow you to build upon your coursework over time.

Explore Your Options

Not sure on a major or career path? Kish has the resources to help you decide what program is best for your interests.

Career Exploration

Areas of Interest at Kish

There are nine areas of interest available at Kish. Learn more about certificate/degree options, careers and coursework in each area.

Areas of Interest Benefits

  • Allows for career exploration in an area of interest
  • Students do not have to immediately declare a major, lowering the risk of taking unnecessary classes
  • Reduces time and cost to complete a degree or certificate program
  • Helps guide students to in-demand careers

Transfer Planning

Kish’s Areas of Interest provide a seamless transition to the next step in your education. Learn how your coursework can transfer to the college or university of your choice to complete a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or more.

Transfer Planning

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