Analyze, Conclude, Solve & Understand

Develop analytical skills and the habit of thinking critically and testing conclusions with a foundation in mathematics.



Mathematics studies one of the foundational building blocks of the universe—numbers. Practically speaking, we use math everyday—adjusting recipes while cooking, figuring out cost when something is discounted and measuring medicine based on weight. We use math when we are handling money, dealing with distance and calculating time. Math courses are often requirements for many majors and a two-year degree in math is an excellent choice for people going into computer science, engineering, accounting, physics and other sciences. Because you may not know where or when or how much math may be required in the major and career you have chosen, it’s good to get a solid foundation in it early on. 

In our mathematics program, you may: 

  • Pursue an Associate in Science degree with an emphasis in Mathematics prior to transfer
  • Prepare for a 4-year degree in math, physics, accounting, engineering and many other programs
  • Strengthen your analytical mind and problem-solving abilities

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