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Develop the skills equivalent to a high school education.

High School Equivalency

High School equivalency

High school equivalency (HSE) classes get you career and college ready. These free, precollege classes help people who don’t have a high school diploma earn a high school equivalency certificate (GED®). Passing an HSE exam such as the GED® can help you get a new job, promotion and even qualify for other forms for job training. Your GED is the first step in pursuing a certificate or degree at a college. Earning your HSE can be an important step to increasing your self-esteem and sense of pride and accomplishment. 

In our noncredit, high school equivalency classes, you will: 

  • Study subjects such as reading, writing, social studies, science, math and the U.S. and Illinois constitutions
  • Improve your basic skills in many disciplines
  • Focus on the practical application of knowledge to support your total development 
  • Receive individualized instruction, cooperative learning and computer-assisted classes to enhance your learning experience 
  • Prepare to take a high school equivalency exam such as the GED®

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