The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope

NOTE: The Kaleidoscope is on hiatus for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students interested in the newspaper can contact Jud Curry or Jessica Santillan-Reyes

The Kaleidoscope is Kishwaukee College’s student-run newspaper that has been published continuously since 1968. Since the spring of 2015, the Kaleidoscope has been an exclusively online, digital publication.

The Kaleidoscope staff consists of students enrolled in COM 151, 152 or 153 (Publications Productions I, II, and III). No previous experience is necessary, and there are no prerequisites — any student interested in contributing to the Kaleidoscope is welcome. Students who work on the Kaleidoscope learn a variety of skills that are required in putting together a biweekly online publication. Positions include writer (news, feature, op-ed), editor, graphic design and cartoonist.

As the news source of the College, the Kaleidoscope is the voice of the student on campus. Students interested in careers in journalism or mass communications, or those who want to gain a diversity of experience for any career, can make a difference by joining the publication. The Kaleidoscope allows students to gain communication skills, work as a team, mean deadlines, learn to delegate and exercise leadership. 

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