Exhibition Proposals

Exhibition Proposals

The Kishwaukee College Art Gallery invites artists and other interested parties to submit proposals for exhibitions in the main gallery. The KC Gallery is open to both solo and group thematic shows. We welcome both art and artifact exhibitions. We aim to support emerging and established artists in a variety of media and focus on bringing diverse experiences to our campus and the local community. The gallery is also conducive to hosting two different shows simultaneously and welcomes smaller submissions that may not be robust enough for the entire space.

Potential exhibitors are asked to provide the following information for consideration:

  1. A typed exhibition proposal statement that explains the nature of the exhibition, the message the show communicates, and how it will benefit the College and local audience.
  2. Contact information: First and last name, address, phone number, email, and website (all promoted on the web submission form below).
  3. A link to a resume or CV.
  4. 15-20 quality images of the artworks that would be displayed and multiple images of 3D work. Please also include sizes of the work. Do not send any materials that you want to be returned to you.

We welcome links to Dropbox, Google Drive or other online image galleries that can supply information and images about the proposed exhibition. Please place the link in your proposal letter in the submission form below.

Hard copy proposals or supplemental information can be sent to:
Kishwaukee College
Attention: Judson Curry
21193 Malta Rd.
Malta, IL 60150

Digital submissions can be sent to jcurry2@kish.edu

Information for Exhibitors

The Art Gallery consists of:

  • Approximately 2,232 square feet of floor space
  • More than 20 pedestals of various sizes
  • Four portable walls, 7'h x 6'w x 2'd

All work should come ready to be hung or installed. Local artists are encouraged to hang their own work with the assistance of our student gallery workers. The KC Gallery will provide labels to denote the work.

Artists selected for exhibition must complete an exhibition contact and provide a full list of works included in the show along with estimated value.

Local artists are welcome to set up an artist talk to meet with students and patrons in conjunction with an opening or closing reception.


Artists residing within a reasonable distance (approximately 60 miles) of the College will be responsible for delivering and retrieving their own work. Work must be picked up within five days after the closing of the exhibition.

Kishwaukee College will provide return shipping only to artists residing more than 60 miles from the College upon prior written approval. Proper reusable shipping materials are the responsibility of the artist.

Contact Us

Judson CurryAssistant Vice President of InstructionP815-825-9532Ejcurry2@kish.edu

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