Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures

Code of Conduct

Students at Kishwaukee College are expected to demonstrate integrity, honesty, civility and respect. These values are important to the learning environment and should guide the conduct of everyone in the College community, in and out of the classroom setting. The College's Student Code of Conduct prohibits certain behaviors and activities which interfere with the orderly operation of the College and the pursuit of its educational mission and vision.

2020/2021 Student Code of Conduct

Students’ Responsibility to Read and Comply with Conduct Standards

Each student is responsible to read and comply with the Student Code of Conduct, which is published in the Student Handbook and College Catalog, posted on the College website, and available in the Offices of the Vice President of Student Services, the Director of Student Success and the Campus Security Office. In addition, students should also consult and comply with standards of classroom behavior as stated in individual course syllabi.

This Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures are published by the Office of the Director of Student Success and are subject to change in accordance with College procedure regulations. For more information on the Student Code of Conduct, contact the Office of the Director of Student Success, Student Center, 815-825-9738. To report a violation to the Student Code of Conduct file a report.

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