Attempt to approach and comprehend our humanity...


To study theatre is to attempt to approach and comprehend our humanity. Theatre as an academic field holds to the core values of artistry, discipline, collaboration, discovery, diversity, and community. Kishwaukee College offers courses in both theatre appreciation and theatre performance. In addition the Performing Arts Club offers students opportunities to showcase their talents.

Occupational Information

Are you considering majoring in theatre, but aren’t sure what careers it will prepare you for? Many occupations require the individual talents and skills developed through theatre course work—skills such as close reading, disciplined and accurate analysis, and spoken and written presentation of coherent argument. Responsibility, discipline, focus, technical expertise, and a strong capacity for collaborative teamwork are all honed in the study of theatre and are also highly valued by employers.

A Theatre major will prepare you for a variety of careers, including positions in playwrighting, directing, acting, arts, administration, education, law, business, and various other fields.

For more information on what a theatre degree can do for you, visit the Educational Theatre Association website.