Look at the social forces that shape attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs...

Sociology Program Information

Sociologists look at the social forces that shape people's attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. The main focus of sociology is the group, not the individual.

As a student of sociology at Kishwaukee College, you will gain a more liberal understanding of the human condition. Our sociology courses provide an excellent foundation for students wishing to major in sociology at a four-year college or university. Most likely, you will also be expected to take most of the sociology courses required for a sociology major at the four-year school to which you transfer.

As with most programs in the liberal arts or social sciences, a wide range of occupations are open to baccalaureate (bachelor's degree) graduates who major in sociology. However, working as a professional, the sociologist typically requires an advanced degree, either a master's or doctorate. For more information regarding career information, visit the American Sociological Association's Web page and their resources for students.