September 8, 2017

Student Survey 2017: satisfaction continues upward trend

Kishwaukee College prides itself on being responsive to the needs of the communities which it serves. In doing so, the College is continually soliciting feedback from key stakeholders, including its most important group, the students. 

Since 2011, the Office of Institutional Research has conducted a Student Satisfaction Survey every two years through Ruffalo Noel Levitz.  The survey helps the College gather feedback from students and provides national benchmarks on key issues. The latest survey conducted in Spring of 2017 shows Kishwaukee College is going in the right direction, according to students. Matthew Crull, Director of Research and Data Management at Kish, said, “In the four Surveys administered over the past six years, Spring 2017 exhibited the highest level of satisfaction ever recorded at Kishwaukee.”

He continued, “Kishwaukee College was above the national benchmarks for several items of student satisfaction. The College continues to do well in providing a welcoming, safe environment that provides easy and convenient registration and quality online services. This year saw another increase in the satisfaction ratings of quality and courtesy among the faculty and staff at the College.”

Other aspects of Kishwaukee College that the students noted improvement in were the state-of-the-art lab facilities on campus, accessibility to courses within the students’ program of study each semester and the ongoing feedback that students receive about their progress toward their academic goals.

The survey also identified some opportunities for improvement. Students want more classes offered at more convenient times, which is a common issue faced at all colleges.  Crull said, “The challenges faced still primarily include offering more sections at convenient times and in a wider variety of departments. Some of these things are logistical in nature—we can only offer a certain number of classes that meet at 10:00 in the morning, for example.” Additionally, students are joining other college students across the country in placing increased emphasis on cost and finding new ways to pay their tuition bills.

The results of the Student Satisfaction Survey are shared with the College’s Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, and the faculty and staff.  Crull noted, “We want everyone to be aware of what we found from our students.” Crull will be evaluating and interpreting this year’s Student Satisfaction Survey results and adding his findings to reports to the College’s accreditation bodies and campus committees dedicated to Strategic Planning and Departmental Assessment.

The next Student Satisfaction Survey will be administered in Spring 2019. Until then, Crull summed up the 2017 findings, “We have excelled in being a college that students want to come to, find welcoming, meets their academic needs, helps them achieve their career goals, and are impressed with as they experience how much our instructors and front line personnel care about giving them a great experience at Kishwaukee College.”

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