December 23, 2015

NSLS chapter induction ceremony

The Kishwaukee College chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) held an induction ceremony on campus on Friday, December 18.  The NSLS chapter at Kishwaukee College was established in Fall 2014.  The chapter advisor is Allison Von Ende.

The mission of NSLS is to help students discover and achieve their goals. The Society, founded by Gary Tuerack, emphasizes the six steps of leadership: clarification of purpose, creation of a shared vision, challenge of the status quo, inspiration of positive action, empowerment of others, and continuous improvement.  The society was founded in 2001 and current has nearly 500,000 members at 478 colleges across the United States.

At the induction ceremony at Kishwaukee College, 36 students joined NSLS. Joining the Society in Fall 2015 are:

Chicago: Mykia Merchant;

Cortland: Gabriela Martinez, Flor Reyes;

DeKalb: Angelica Alcaraz, Jonathan Bell, Guadalupe Garcia, Megan Harris, Tania Harris, Christy Knobbe, Jose Morales, Kaitlin Robbins, Nilda Rodriguez, Savannah Washington;

Esmond: Litecia Swanson;

Freeport: Courtney Germain;

Genoa: Brett Devine;

Kirkland: Lambertus Schreur;

Plainfield: Bridget Sabor;

Oregon: Megan Mjoen, Courtney Tucker;

Rochelle:  Veronica Avolio, Chelsea Erickson, Erin Esgar, Briana Mickley, Kelsey Russell, Hadeel Sbeih, Marina Tague, Yareli Tenorio, Nathan Thompson;

Rockford: Michelle Markley;

Sterling: William McCormick;

Sycamore: Hailey Holt, Joshua Luke, Shannon Maher, Madison Schap;

Fort Myers, FL: Robert Embry.

For more information on the National Society of Leadership and Success, visit  For information on the NSLS chapter at Kishwaukee College, contact Allison Von Ende at 815-825-2086, ext. 5390 or at