May 11, 2018

Kish Celebrates Annual Student Awards Day

Kishwaukee College honored current students for excellence in the classroom on Tuesday, May 1 at Student Awards Day held in Jenkins Auditorium at the College. Awardees received certificates commemorating their achievements.

The following students received TRiO Grant Aid Scholarships: Christine Newman-Askins, Rochelle; Tiffany Newman-Askins, Rochelle; Cynthia Sweger, Rochelle; Victoria Resendiz, DeKalb; Jennah Smith, Genoa; Kentrell Drummond, DeKalb; Miguel Monroy, Rochelle; Brenda Resendiz, DeKalb; Crystal Caudel, DeKalb; Richele Harmon, Rockford; Dylan Russom, DeKalb; Marylou Nunez, DeKalb; Kim Rotella, Shabbona.


The following students received awards in Math/Science/Business

Outstanding Academic Performance Basic Chemistry: Kortney Jones, Kirkland; Nick Adamzczyk, Genoa; Haley Mizner, Oregon;

Outstanding Academic Performance General Chemistry: James Paulen, DeKalb; Richard Raglan, Lee; Katherine Salis, Clare;

Academic Achievement in Organic Chemistry: Scott Benzinger, Genoa;

Outstanding Managerial Accounting Student: Nathan Keys, Rochelle;

Outstanding Macroeconomic Student: Connor Murphy, Shabbona;

Outstanding Microeconomics Student: Edwin Yockey, Kingston;

Outstanding Financial Accounting Student: Tracy Drobick, Rochelle;

Outstanding Mathematics Student: Michael Klecka, Rochelle; Jose Salinas, Rochelle;

Outstanding Business/Marketing Management Student: Kyle Carlson, DeKalb;


The following students received awards in Career Technologies Programs

Academic Excellence in Criminal Justice: Richard Rojas-Chavez, DeKalb; Victoria Rodriguez, Rochelle;

Academic Excellence: Ryan Griffin, Milwaukee;

Outstanding Academic and Leadership Role: Andrew Stone, Sandwich;

Outstanding Horticulture Student: Anne VonArx, Rockford, Freshman Recipient; Megan Johnston, Shabbona, Sophomore Recipient;

Outstanding Nursing Student: Nicole Colon, Plano; Myrna Guerrero, Sycamore;


The following students received awards in Arts/Communication/Social Science

Academic Achievement in Sociology: Kiana Robinson, Sycamore; Markese Dillon, DeKalb;

Award of Excellence in Honors Research: Ellaine Pontes Correia, Rochelle; Joseph Catalano, Chana; Megan Ackland, Rochelle; Maria Tranchina, Oregon;

Outstanding Drawing Student: Haley Kohout, Genoa;

Outstanding Digital Artist: Alexander Gaytan, Rochelle;

Outstanding Theatre Student Award: Phillip Steinberg, DeKalb;

Outstanding English Student Awards: Carley Ackland, Rochelle; Gabriella Erickson, Steward; Kaitlin Shumaker, Rock City; Blaise McGlinn, Oregon; Anna Raimondi, Genoa; Lauren Hagelstein, DeKalb; Lindsey Miller, Steward; Bailey Shaffer, Mount Morris; Kortney Jones, Kirkland; Megan Ackland, Rochelle; Cole Lentz, Lindenwood; Tara Ozenhowski, Sycamore;


The following students received monetary awards for their works included in this year’s edition of Kishwaukee College’s award-winning arts/literary magazine, The Kamelian

Poetry – Carley Anne Ackland, Rochelle, First Place; Alyssa Kutz, DeKalb, Second Place; and Sophie West, Oregon, Third Place;

Short Fiction Cristy Piwowar-Hein, Malta, First Place; Hana Green, DeKalb, Second Place;

2-D Artwork – Callie Ackland, Rochelle, First Place; J. Byron Wise, DeKalb, Second Place and Third Place;

3-D Artwork – Khala Wynn, DeKalb, First Place; Barbara Johnson, Sycamore, Second Place and Third Place;

Photography –  Robert Whitten, Genoa, First Place; Robert Whitten, Genoa, and Chrizuru Kamiuttanai, DeKalb, Second Place; and Devon Buza, Oregon, Third Place;