January 7, 2019

Kish Announces Fall 2018 Graduates

Kishwaukee College announces graduates for Fall 2018. Graduation Honors are divided into three categories based on final cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale: summa cum laude-GPA between 3.75-4.0; magna cum laude-GPA between 3.5-3.749; cum laude-GPA between 3.25-3.499.  Students who fulfill requirements for a Certificate and have a final cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher are awarded a Certificate w/ Distinction.

The College held a Commencement Ceremony for the Fall 2018 graduates on December 15 on campus. There were 244 students who completed the requirements for degrees, certificates and credentials in their programs in Fall 2018.

The following students completed the requirements for graduation from Kishwaukee College:

Alsip:               Anthony William Toney, Associate in Arts      

Ashton:            Addison Marie Wetzel, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude         

Aurora:            Rachael Michellie Ellis, AAS, Registered Nursing         

Batavia:           Jacob Ross Houswerth, Associate in Science          

Belvidere:        Collin Joseph Halverson, AAS, Diesel Power Technology,

CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair;

                        Aneysia M Schrader, Associate in Science;

                        Caden Glen Walling, CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair           

Byron:              Brent Allen Hanna, CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair

Caledonia:       Jewlz L Rotz, Associate in Arts          

Chana:             Mykayla Page, Associate in Science          

Cherry Valley:  Brandon Glinski, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting         

Chicago:          Erick Gonzalez, Associate in Arts;

                        Jerimiah Anthony Serrano, Associate in Science;

                          Britttany Simpson, Associate in Arts;

                          Laura Taylor, Associate in Science       

Cortland:         Jennifer K Crain, CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;

                         Charles Raven Gatbunton, Associate in Science;

                         Anthony J Gerhardt, Associate in Arts;

                         Tirzah G Harms, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Taniesha Harrison, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Jacob J Ihm, Associate in Science, PTK, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Tyler J Kennan, CERT, EMT;

                        Landon Rosenik, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Sean P Scanlon, CERT, EMT           

Country Club Hills:       Jack Gerald McIlvain, Associate in Science          

Davis Junction:            Michele Haley, Associate in Science;

                                    Jaime Michael Jarrett, CERT, Basic Welding Technology, With Distinction;

                                    Francely Vazquez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting           

DeKalb:            Alexandra Arlene Alter, Associate in Arts, PTK, Cum Laude

                        Douglas Andrews, Associate in Arts;

                        Adam Tyler Barclay, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Eric G Barraza, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Joshua W Becker, CERT, EMT, With Distinction,

                        Jayson P Bell, Associate in Arts;

                        Gabrielle Bogolin, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude,

                        Samuel Donald Buckner, Associate in Science;

                        Jennifer Guadalupe Castro Beltran, Associate in Science;

                        Crystal Caudel, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;

                        Tucker Code, CERT, EMT;

                        Clarissa G Corbin, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Latesha Crenshaw, Associate in Science;

                        Jamie M. Dalton, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;

                        Jacob Gerald Diedrich, Associate in Arts;

                        Kentrell K Drummond, Associate in Arts;

                        Akiyah Edwards KEB MA'AT, Associate in Science;

                        Eddith Encho Endack Eyanyeh, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Sahar Z Fadl, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;

                        David J Faivre, AAS, Computer-Aided Architectural Design,

                                                AAS, Computer-Aided Mechanical Design;

                        Lanee R Faivre, AAS, Office Systems, Magna Cum Laude

                                    CERT, Administrative Assistant, With Distinction, 

                                    CERT, Medical Billing and Coding, With Distinction, 

                                    CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;

                        Taylor A Feuling, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;

                        Emma Christine Fillmore, AAS, Registered Nursing;  

                        Charles T Foner, AAS, Registered Nursing, PTK, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Deoja J Fort, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Sarah E Frankovich, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Natanael Jacob Gamez, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;

                        Micaela Garcia, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Caitlyn George, Associate in Arts;

                        Alina Gofman, Associate in Arts;

                        Miesha A Griggs, Associate in Arts;

                        Johan Alexis Hernandez, Associate in Science;

                        Tashia S Holley, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Alyssa K Hurst, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Austin W Isham, AAS, Paramedic, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Leigha S Jones, Associate in Arts;

                        Tierra N Kinsey, CERT, EMT;

                        Michiah I Kirkwood, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Alison LaBee, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Anna Laino, Associate in Science;

                        Thomas William Lambert, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Elijah A La Montagne, Associate in Arts, PTK, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Angeline Kathryn Lanza, Associate in Science;

                        Brianna Balli Lawson, Associate in Arts;

                        Ariana Leon, Associate in Science;

                        Victoria Jo Leverton, AAS, Horticulture Greenhouse, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Jessica Lindemann, Associate in Science;

                        Jackson G Marbutt, CERT, EMT, With Distinction;

                        Jesus C Marrufo, CERT, EMT;

                        Alexander Tobias McAnly, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;

                        Garret McCann, Associate in Engineering Science;

                        Thomas Samuel Miller, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Fernando H Miranda, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Grace M Mirotznik, Associate in Arts, PTK, Summa Cum Laude, Honors;

                        George P Mokate, Associate in Science;

                        Alyse Mommer, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Abby R Mungai, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Sibhan I Murphy-Faulkner, Associate in Arts;

                        Taylor Jonel Nevels, Associate in Arts;

                        Diana G Olmos, Associate in Science;

                        Kyra M Ozier, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Kristina Parra, Associate in Science;

                        Kayla Patterson, Associate in Science;

                        Infiniti S Peoples, Associate in Science;

                        Victor J Pineda, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Brenda Resendiz, Associate in Science;

                                    CERT.NUR.310, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Cecilia Robles, Associate in Arts;

                        Midori Mari Sakagawa, Associate in Arts;

                        Khayrta M Saleh, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Brittany K Sandine, Associate in Science;

                        Sarah Raffaella Schulz, Associate in Arts;

                        Drake Alex Robert Shelledy, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Alexander Sirioudom, Associate in Arts;

                        Amber R Siwe, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Matthew D Slouka, Associate in Engineering Science, Cum Laude;

                        Anita Smith, CERT, Administrative Assistant;

                        David Spillers  III, CERT, EMT;

                        Joshua L Starr, AAS, Criminal Justice-General;

                        Kianna Renee Thompson, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Zoe E Thompson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Tiaeria D Thurman, Associate in Arts;

                        Lakena S Tillman, Associate in Science;

                        Alyssa Danielle Toma, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Kayla Marie G Villamil, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Dante P Ward, Associate in Science;

                        Steviana L Watie, Associate in Science;

                        Victoria Reneé White, Associate in Arts;

                        De'Angelo Williams, Associate in Science;

                        Bryan M Wisdom, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting          

Dolton: Paige Anderson, AAS, Criminal Justice-General      

Elburn:             Gonzalo C Ortega, CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement     

Esmond:          Josie M Grzywa, Associate in Arts        

Forest Park:     Keith Dass, Associate in Arts

Freeport:         Jaylon Matthew Hughes, Associate in Science          

Genoa:            Patricia Gabriela Croom, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Heather Lynn Doty, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;

                        Sarah A Ferguson, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Jonathan James Hoffstead, Associate in Science;

                        Felisha Lee Jones, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Haley Morgan Kohout, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Angela Moore, Associate in Arts;

                        Jose Luis Ocelotl, Associate in Arts;

                        Alyssa Ann Peters, Associate in Science;

                        Aubrey R Schuls-Trongeau, AAS, Registered Nursing, Cum Laude          

Kingston:         Heather Arlene Edwards, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Dani M Mathey, Associate in Science;

                        Amanda Marie Ness, Associate in Arts, PTK, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Savannah R Strohacker, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude         

Kirkland:          Presley K Fisher, Associate in Arts;

                        Morgan Rae Leese, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Madison Renee Marshall, Associate in Arts;

                        Alanna Rose Sterling, AAS, Registered Nursing          

Lee:                 Destiny Renee McGinnis, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude           

Lindenwood:   Colton Alan Beaird, AAS, Criminal Justice-General, Cum Laude;

                        Taniya Ritenour, AAS, Criminal Justice-Forensic Tech, Summa Cum Laude          

Machesney Park:         Kylie Prielipp, Associate in Arts          

Malta:             Kaitlynn M Cook, Associate in Science;

                        Brent Gross, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Colton J Plapp, AAS, Hort Sustainable/General, Cum Laude,

                                    AAS, Horticulture Greenhouse, Cum Laude;

                        Sydney Sandberg, Associate in Science;

                        Brianne M Steele, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting          

Maple Park:     Haley l Puffenbarger, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Christian T Rebone, Associate in Science         

Oregon:           Brandi M Anderson, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Cha E Keller, Associate in Engineering Science, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Maria Pia Tranchina, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Honors       

Oswego:          Rosivel Z Fernando, AAS, Registered Nursing          

Paw Paw:        Sarah Cardenas, Associate in Arts;

                        Bethany Jayde Strohman, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude,          

Poplar Grove:  Shannon Sullivan, Associate in Science           

Rochelle:         Veronica Jane Avolio, Associate in Arts, PTK, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Matthew Delbert Buck, Associate in Arts;

                        Marili Cervantes, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;

                        Erin L Decker, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        McKenzie S Doerr, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Terre Danaye Eckhardt, AAS, Criminal Justice-General, PTK, Magna Cum Laude,

CERT, Traffic Investigations, PTK, With Distinction,

                                    CERT, Criminal Justice Management, PTK, With Distinction,

CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, PTK, With Distinction;

                        Morelia Escutia, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Alexander Gaytan, Associate in Arts;

                        Kristen R Glavac, Associate in Science;

                        Joshua M Goff, AAS, Registered Nursing, Cum Laude;

                        Rachel M Guerrero, Associate in Science;

                        Brian J Heinrich, Associate in Arts;

                        Monica Hernandez  Jr., CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Nancy J Hernandez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Heather Marie Johnson, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;

                        Ahllam Khattab, Associate in Science;

                        Mya J Latta, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Laura A Lopez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;

                        Arista L McCollum, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Israel Nava, Associate in Science;

                        Christina L Neale, Associate in Science;

                        Kaytlin L Neale, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Christine Newman-Askins, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Tiffany Newman-Askins, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

                        Kaitlynn M Ost, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Ellaine M Pontes Correia, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, Honors;

                        Skyler Matthew Quinn, Associate in Science;

                        Olivia P Ramos, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Yvonne Rodriguez, Associate in Arts;

                        Cynthia A Roushia, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude,

                                                     Early Childhood Education, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Rigel A Salas  Jr., CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Pablo Sanchez, CERT, Industrial Electronics;

                        Marisa L Tague, AAS.NUR.366, Registered Nursing, AAS;

                        Cheyene L Watson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Briana Christine Williams, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;

Ryan Matthew Winterton, AAS.CRJ.228, Criminal Justice-General,

                        AAS, Magna Cum Laude           

Rockford:         Marilyn Joan Maher, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude          

Shabbona:       Ehren M Nelson, Associate in Science;

                        Christina Catherine Roller, Associate in Science;

                        Ryan Alexander Todd, Associate in Arts           

Steward:         Amber Tarryn Lawrence, Associate in Science;

                        Zackary K Lawrence, CERT, EMT;

                        Kourtney Elizabeth Ranken, AAS, Diesel Power Technology           

Sublette:         Joyce A Papiech, AAS, Horticulture Greenhouse, With Distinction,

                                    CERT, Greenhouse/Garden Center, Summa Cum Laude         

Sycamore:       Damian Aguilera, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Melissa Ambrozewski, AAS, Registered Nursing, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Lizbeth P Arias, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Jessica L Beck, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        William Becker, CERT, EMT;

                        Taylour Browning, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        James O Cole, CERT, EMT;

                        Michael D Dean, Associate in Science;

                        Adam L Dekker, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Madeline C Disz, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Kayla Kae Dominguez, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Ashley Ferdinand, Associate in Science;

                        Elizabeth Gutierrez Castro, Associate in Arts;

                        Nathaniel J Haacker, CERT, EMT;

                        Holly Hasselbring, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Stewart Brooks Hepker, AAS.HOR.404, Landscape Design & Nursery, AAS, Cum Laude;

                        Kayla Holland, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Madison Starr Hunt, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;

                        Taylor E Kloster, CERT, EMT;

                        Mya A Lee, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Abigail Lewis, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Jacob B Mallar, Associate in Science;

                        Bryan Mora, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Lindsey Nicole Neal, Associate in Science;

                        Wesley James Newton, AAS, Networking & Systems Administration;

                        Jennifer Perez-Cano, AAS, Registered Nursing;

                        Sean M Peek, CERT, EMT;

                        Jordan M Peterson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;

                        Megan Leigh Prather, Associate in Arts;

                        Elliott T Pritchett, Associate in Science;

                        Monseratt A Renteria, Associate in Science;

                        Adam J Schmitt, Associate in Arts;

                        Jennifer Marie Spector, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;

                        Jenna Hardt Stockl, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;

                        Jessica Leigh Wellman, Associate in Science;

                        Jason Daniel Wittenberg, Associate in Arts, With Distinction;

                        Jason D Wittenberg, CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, Cum Laude;

                        Sarah Elizabeth Womack, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;

                        Melissa L Jacob, Associate in Science           

Warrenville:    Amanda Wilson, Associate in Arts          

Waterman:     Matia R Camero, CERT, EMT;

                        Keenon E Ecker, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;

                        Breanna L Henry, AAS, Registered Nursing, Cum Laude, Honors         

Winfield:         Maria Alejandra Aguilera Lemus, AAS, Registered Nursing

* PTK denotes Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member