January 5, 2018

December 2017 Letter to the Editor from Dr. Borowicz

This time of year, with the end of another academic semester and the holiday season upon us, we have an opportunity to step back and reflect on our successes.  We are proud of the 500 students graduating from Kish this fall semester.  Congratulating 171 of our graduates as they walked across the stage at commencement is a highlight for me, as well as all of us who work at Kishwaukee College.  

January 11th will mark my second anniversary as the President of Kish, and there are so many things to be proud of as I start my third year. We have had some challenges the past two years, but the positives far outweigh them.  I am fortunate to serve as the leader of an organization that transforms the lives of students enrolling in our college every day.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by devoted and caring faculty and professionals dedicating their life’s work to helping students achieve their educational goals.  I am fortunate to live and work in communities that care about education, helping each other, and working together.  

The new year, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of Kishwaukee College.  It’s impressive how in the past 50 years, many things have changed on the corner of Lincoln Highway and Malta Road, from barns and an old farmhouse on farmland, to Quonset huts, and now beautiful facilities.  The new year will be about celebrating our past - and looking forward to our future.  We are planning some events, starting with a kickoff on February 20th, and two other events in the summer and fall.  I hope you will find some time to join us and see all that Kish has to offer.  As I travel throughout the district, I hear wonderful Kish stories, and I know that the college has touched the lives of many residents.  Please share your stories on our 50th anniversary website at:  www.kish.edu/50th-anniversary

So while we spend a bit of time reflecting this time of year, we are also looking forward to what’s to come.  New programs are being developed, and new partnerships are being forged with NIU, area K-12’s, and local businesses.  New students will walk down our halls, learn in our classrooms, play on our athletic fields, and walk across the stage at graduation. 

I am honored to serve as President of Kishwaukee College - Your Community College.  To learn more about the great things happening at Kish, follow me on my blog at drlaurie.kish.edu.