May 18, 2020

2020 Kishwaukee College BOT Award of Excellence recipients announced

Kishwaukee College announced the annual Award of Excellence recipients. The Board of Trustees sponsors the Awards of Excellence program to recognize outstanding employees and their contributions to the College. Community members, college personnel, students and alumni submitted nominations in five categories: Full-Time Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Support Staff, Professional Staff and Part-Time Staff.

The nominees for Full-Time Faculty were Ami Irmen, ­­­­­Associate Professor of English and Teaching Chair; Branden McCullough, Assistant Professor of History and Teaching Chair; Ann Mueller, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Tutoring Services; Laura Murdaugh, Associate Professor of Chemistry; and Tammy Tiggelaar, Associate Professor of Business, Marketing and Management. The 2020 recipient of the Full-Time Faculty Award of Excellence is Laura Murdaugh. Murdaugh has been on Kish faculty since ­­­­2011. Alongside her many contributions to the department throughout her nine years, she has been described by her peers as a tremendous asset and outstanding instructor who holds her students to rigorous standards and high expectations.

The nominees for Adjunct Faculty were Robert Brown, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Cynthia DeSeife, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education; Eric Schroeder, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music; and Robert Srygler, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology. The 2020 recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Award of Excellence is Eric Schroeder. Schroeder began his career as an educator in 1996 and joined Kish in 2012. He helps organize end-of-semester recitals for students and goes beyond his instructional responsibilities to provide excellence in music education at the College. He readily teaches credit-bearing courses as well as community education classes.

The nominees for Support Staff were Geoff Glowacki, Records Analyst; Donna Keller, Business Office Clerk; Cathy King, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction; Kim Rotella, Greenhouse Grounds Specialist; Susan Tyler, Custodian; and Tiffany Varnell, Administrative Assistant for WIOA Youth and TRIO Student Support Services. This year’s recipient of the Support Staff Award of Excellence is Donna Keller. Keller began at Kish in 1993. Keller spent approximately 23 years as a library assistant in the College library before moving to the business office. Her exemplary customer service makes her a friendly and welcoming face in the business office. She is quick to help students and staff alike and her unequalled commitment to the College have made her an invaluable asset.

The nominees for the Professional Staff Award were Jessica Anderson, Assistant Director of Marketing and Bookstore Manager; Tashena Briggs, Director of TRIO Upward Bound; Melissa Gallagher, Coordinator of Short-Term Training and Continuing Education; and Sean Kesselring, Manager of Academic Advising & Transfer Services. This year’s recipient of the Professional Staff Award of Excellence is Jessica Anderson. Anderson began her Kish career as bookstore manager in 2014. Since then, she has taken on increased responsibilities and currently manages multiple departments including the bookstore, marketing & public relations, the Kish café and printing/mail services. Always on the go, Anderson is known as a diplomatic leader with a humanitarian heart.

The nominees for the Part-Time Staff Award were Kristine Adzovic, Academic Specialist; Amy Forsberg, Dual Credit & Curriculum Specialist; Mary Ann Miller, Administrative Assistant of Disability Services; and Julie Oberheim, Academic Advisor and Student Conduct Specialist. The 2020 recipient of the Part-Time Staff Award is Julie Oberheim. Oberheim joined Kish in ­­­­­­2017. Her colleagues say she cares deeply about the lives of students. Oberheim’s outreach to students, willingness to take on new tasks and collaboration with Northern Illinois University are some of her valuable contributions to her department.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. The College is very appreciative of the dedicated service to the Kish community. 

Photo: Kishwaukee College announced the Board of Trustees 2020 Award of Excellence recipients. Picture 1: Laura Murdaugh, Full-Time Faculty award recipient. Picture 2: Eric Schroeder, Adjunct Faculty award recipient. Picture 3: Donna Keller, Support Staff award recipient. Picture 4: Jessica Anderson, Professional Staff award recipient. Picture 5: Julie Oberheim, Part-Time Staff award recipient.