Clean, Decontaminate, Assemble & Manage

Prepare medical equipment and instruments to ensure patients are treated in a sterile, clean environment.

Sterile Processing Tech

sterile processing technician

Sterile processing technicians provide support to all patient care services in a healthcare facility. They are responsible for decontaminating, cleaning, processing, assembling, sterilizing, storing and distributing the medical devices and supplies needed in patient care, especially during surgery. These skilled professionals are essential to patient care. Doctors, surgeons and other medical staff rely on sterile processing technicians to thoroughly clean and prepare equipment in order to provide exceptional and safe patient care. 

In our completely online, noncredit, short-term training sterile processing technician program, you will:

  • Train with industry professionals to learn best practices in the field 
  • Gain the professional skills needed to function as a technician in one semester
  • Learn the foundations of anatomy and physiology, microbiology, infection control and protocols for decontamination of surgical instruments
  • Prepare to pass the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) Sterile Processing and Distribution (SPD) Technician certification exam and become actively employed as a sterile processing technician

Summer 2022 session 


May 8-August 13



CE 086 1001

*A mandatory orientation session will be held on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, from 7-8 pm via Zoom. All students who are registered for the Summer 2022 session must attend the Orientation Session.

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