Analyze, Understand, Observe & Synthesize 

Gain a more liberal understanding of the human condition through the examination of the social forces that influence your life.



Sociologists look at the social forces that shape people's attitudes, behaviors and beliefs so that people can better deal with them. By focusing on groups of people, individuals can begin to see what may be influencing their own thoughts, behaviors and relationships. Sociology majors often have a solid knowledge of history and policy and are often well-informed citizens involved in democratic pursuits founded in reliable evidence. They are agents of compassion and change. 

If you’re planning on studying sociology at a 4-year institution, you can start with us and: 

  • Take coursework in race and ethnic relations, marriage and family, criminology and other topics. 
  • Earn an associate degree and prepare to transfer to a 4-year institution 
  • Complete your general education requirements

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