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Delve into your curiosity of the inorganic world including the parts it's made of and the processes that govern its functioning.

Physical Science

physical science

Physical science peers into the world of inorganic material, as opposed to biological sciences which study organic matter. Any field that focuses on inanimate matter and/or energy is a physical science. This includes physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology and other “hard sciences.” General physical science coursework typically involved all of these areas without an emphasis in any one of them. A degree in physical science explores a broad science curriculum that allows investigation of the interconnectedness of the hard sciences. 

If you’re planning on studying physical science or a closely related field at a 4-year institution, you can start with us and: 

  • Take general coursework in geology, astronomy and physical science 
  • Earn an associate degree and prepare to transfer to a 4-year institution 
  • Complete your general education requirements

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