Learn, Practice, Express & Perform

Study one of the most fundamental artistic expressions from cultures around the world.



Music as a field of study is far more than learning how to play an instrument. Students of music learn about music and its place in culture around the world, and they take classes that teach the performance aspect of music and an understanding of music theory and composition. A liberal arts education in music develops creativity, data analysis, performance, problem-solving, self-management, teamwork and communication skills. We are so used to music that most people don’t realize how integral it is to daily life. Music majors develop a level of appreciation and skill for one of the most fundamental human expressions of which most people would rather not live without.

If you’re planning on studying music or closely related field at a 4-year institution, you can start with us and: 

  • Develop fluency, aural skills and become grounded in music theory 
  • Earn an associate degree and prepare to transfer to a 4-year institution 
  • Complete your general education requirements

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