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Enhance the beauty and natural resources that complement our towns, our houses and our lives.



Horticulture is about going green--the earth, the balance of nature, creating a landscape with trees, plants and hardscape to enhance the beauty and the resources to complement our lives. Our hort students play in the dirt and help take care of our beautiful campus. Field trips, guest speakers and interviewing with potential employers are all staples to our program. And the greenhouse, athletic fields and the 120-acre living laboratory (campus grounds) serve has excellent learning experiences. 

In our horticulture program, you may: 

  • Earn a certificate or an Associate in Applied Science degree
  • Choose from several specialties, including floral design, greenhouse, landscape design & nursery, sustainable horticulture and more 
  • Receive career guidance and develop skills from our industry experts
  • Work with the same state of the art equipment used in the industry, such as LED grow lights from VOLT Grow.

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