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You don’t have to be a farmer or come from a farm to be involved in agriculture.

Agriculture Transfer Degree

Agriculture Transfer

Agricultural transfer students get the best of both worlds—they complete their general education requirements and take 100 and 200 level classes focused on the ag industry. Agriculture is a rich industry to get involved in. Career opportunities are continuously growing and evolving to keep up with the demands of the field. Marketing, merchandising, sales, crop research, animal genetics, agribusiness, soil science, communications, engineering and production are all roles that ag industry needs filled. So, if you plan to go into ag and earn a 4-year degree, this may be the program for you. 

In our agricultural transfer program, you may: 

  • Pursue an Associate in Science degree with an emphasis in Agriculture prior to transfer
  • Individualize your coursework to prepare for your specific transfer program
  • Learn the ins and outs of ag and hone in on the role you can fulfill in the industry 

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