8-Week Course Program

Fast-paced, focused and flexible learning

8-Week Course Program

The 8-Week Course Program at Kishwaukee College offers students more flexibility with their schedule. In an eight-week format, students can take different courses in the first and second half of each semester, earning the same amount of credit as a traditional 16-week format while only focusing on a few classes at a time.

The Benefits

  • Students are more successful when they focus on a few classes at a time
  • Fewer students withdraw from classes
  • More students complete their courses and stay on track to meet their goals and graduate
  • Flexible course options allow you to take classes that fit your schedule
  • Seamlessly transfer credits to the next step in your education

Save Money

Learn how you can earn free credits by enrolling in the eight-week only course program. Contact your Academic Advisor to learn more. 

Get Started

Contact your Kish advisor to start planning your schedule. Or search Kish’s available credit classes.

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