Earn While You Learn – at Kishwaukee College.

Earn While You Learn

Prepare for your future & earn while you learn at Kishwaukee College.  We partner with local businesses to provide education and practical work experience for you right now.  Whether a student worker, intern, apprentice or WIOA participant, you can gain valuable work experience, resume building items, excellent references, and earn money… all while being a student!

On-campus jobs 

There are nearly 130 student worker positions on campus annually.  Students work in offices, labs, and shops as assistants and additional help. Working on campus as a student means your employer is committed to supporting you as a student. Positions on campus offer flexibility* to work around your class schedule and academic requirements! *Some offices on campus require set-hours of work.  See individual job descriptions for requirements.

To see open positions or apply, visit Student Employment.


Internships are workplace experiences in your intended field of study. Most Internships are offered off-campus, though there are some internship opportunities in offices on campus. 

Because employers that offer Internships know they are hiring a student, the experience can be a combination of a paid position and learning on the job. Internships offer flexibility and experience in your field! 

Credit Internships are supervised by appointed faculty members and certain criteria must be met to receive credit. 

Please contact Career Services or your instructor if you are interested in an Internship and need assistance with placement.

Apprentice Programs

We partner with a variety of industries to offer ICATT, the nationally recognized 3-year dual apprenticeship program established by the German American Chamber of Commerce® that combines on-the-job training with Associate in Applied Science degree programs. Reach out to Career Services for more information.

On-the-Job Training

We offer OTJ with funding provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to partially reimburse businesses for the costs of training and onboarding a newly hired employee on the specialized skills necessary to perform his or her job effectively.

To learn more about WIOA for Youth (ages 16 – 24) or WIOA through the Illinois workNet Center.

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