Kishwaukee College Board eliminates student fees to promote transparency in College costs

At the March 12 Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted to eliminate approximately $375,000 in student course fees. This decision follows the elimination of nearly $1 million in other student fees — student activity, technology, registration and lab/studio fees — approved by the Board in October 2023.

The Kishwaukee College Board also approved a $5 increase to its base tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year from $147 to $152 per credit hour for in-district and online courses. The last tuition increase was in 2020.

A decrease in differential tuition from $294 to $228 per credit hour for Radiologic Technology and Registered Nursing courses was approved, aligning the program costs with other differential programs at the College. 

Starting in Summer 2024, the net savings to students for these changes is an estimated $345 per semester for a full-time student taking 15 credit hours.

“The elimination of student fees improves the transparency in the cost of attending Kishwaukee College. Budgeting for college is easier for students and their families when the cost of attendance is the price of tuition. Student fees are the unanticipated expenses that often are unknown until students see them on their bill,” said Dr. Laurie Borowicz, President of Kishwaukee College.

Due to factors such as increased enrollment, expanded state support for community colleges, conservative fiscal management, and a growing equalized assessed value (EAV) for the College district, Kish can make a college education more affordable for students.

“Thanks to responsible decision-making, the financial health of our College has allowed us to make these beneficial cost savings for our students while still reducing our tax levy,” said Bob Johnson, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

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