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Employee phone extensions are the last four digits of direct dial phone numbers.

Directory by Department

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Department First Name Last Name Title Office Email Direct Dial
Academic Support & Effectiveness Anne-Marie Green Dean of Academic Support & Effectiveness A1313 815-825-9443
Academic Support & Effectiveness Tim Lockman Instructional Designer B2331 815-825-9543
Administration Dr. Laurie Borowicz President C2173 815-825-9334
Administration Carolyn Chrusciel Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees C2170 815-825-9324
Administration Dave Dammon Executive Director-Campus Operations A1318 815-825-9538
Administration TerryLyn Funston Director of Curriculum & Program Development C2209 815-825-9338
Administration Sara Hall Administrative Assistant-Executive Director of College Relations C2160 815-825-9803
Administration Kayte Hamel Executive Director of College Relations/Foundation C2166 815-825-9447
Administration Cathy King Administrative Assistant-Vice President & Chief Academic Officer C2160 815-825-9551
Administration Michelle Rothmeyer Vice President of Student Services C2165 815-825-9807
Administration Amelia Wason Administrative Assistant-Vice President of Student Services C2160 815-825-9352
Administration - Instruction Pernevlon Ellis Associate Dean Office of Instruction B1311 815-825-9540
Administration-Instruction Jessica Berek Dean, Office of Instruction B1310 815-825-9408
Administration-Instruction Chase Budziak Dean, Office of Instruction B1309 815-825-1708
Administration-Instruction Judson Curry Dean, Office of Instruction B1304 815-825-9532
Administration-Instruction Joanne Kantner Vice President & Chief Academic Officer C2164 815-825-9450
Administration-Instruction Barbara Leach Interim Vice President of Instruction B1307 815-825-9666
Administration-Instruction Jessica Santillan-Reyes Associate Dean, Office of Instruction Administration B1303 815-825-9683
Adult Education & Transition Programs Betsy Carnahan Retention Specialist 815-825-9424
Adult Education & Transition Programs Tricia Hernandez Administrative Assistant-ASE/WCE C1210 815-825-9441
Adult Education & Transition Programs Julie Lieving Adult Education Transitions & Bridge Specialist C1218 815-825-9409
Adult Education & Transition Programs Mari Vesey Administrative Assistant-Adult Education & Transitions Programs C1210 815-825-9420
Adult Education & Transition Programs Susan Wolf Trainer Specialist -TAOEP Grant C1217 815-825-9405
Adult Education & Transition Programs Patti Wragg Director-Adult Education & Transition Programs C1224 815-825-9386
Bookstore Tobie Anders Textbook Buyer Bookstore 815-825-9446
Bookstore Jessica Anderson Director of Bookstore/Printing&Mail Services C1113 815-825-9786
Bookstore Tara Richardson Bookstore Operations Specialist Bookstore 815-825-9445
Business Office Christopher Bailey Manager, Business Services 815-825-9592
Business Office Stephanie Carlson AR Accountant C2146 815-825-9475
Business Office Michelle Davies Junior Accountant C2114 815-825-9425
Business Office Jill Hansen CFO C2147 815-825-9517
Business Office Madison Kawall Business Office Specialist C2140 815-825-1709
Business Office Donna Keller Business Office Clerk C2140 815-825-9555
Business Office Jasmin McIntosh Directory Fiscal Services C2144 815-825-9483
Business Office Terri Powers Payroll Coordinator C2140 815-825-9406
Business office Rachel Reynolds Staff Accountant C2144 815-825-9483
Campus Operations Tim Berkshire Maintenance Multi Craft F106 815-825-1719
Campus Operations Michael Dalen Maintenance Mechanic F106 815-825-9572
Campus Operations Rafael  Contreras Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Janine Elliott Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Dan Fritsch Maintenance-Multi Craft F106 815-825-2920
Campus Operations Mark Gommel Maintenance Multi Craft F106 815-825-1718
Campus Operations Margaret Gormley Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Patrick Heisner Campus Operations Manager A1319 815-825-9398
Campus Operations Virginia Helton Custodial A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Robert Hunyard Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Stacy Johnson Lead Grounds F170a 815-825-9892
Campus Operations Magnolia Jones Campus Operations Coordinator A1317 815-825-9380
Campus Operations Steve Komadina Maintenance Electrician F106 815-825-9766
Campus Operations Brad Male Maintenance Multi Craft F106 815-825-9767
Campus Operations Carol McDermott Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Susan Messer Custodial Manager-First Shift A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Mike Mosher Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Brian Perkins Maintenance Multi Craft F106 815-825-9755
Campus Operations Mark Perkins Custodian A1246 815-825-9468
Campus Operations Bob Schmitt Maintenance Carpenter F106 815-825-9768
Campus Operations Philip Wilson Maintenance Helper F106 815-825-2193
Campus Operations - Hort Kimberly Rotella Greenhouse Grounds Specialist G107 815-825-9597
College Relations Tricia Myers Assistant Director, College Relations 815-825-9507
College Relations Brett Williams Grant Coordinator C2156 815-825-9636
Disability Services Emily Bodmer Accommodation Specialist C1212 815-825-1701
Early Learning Center Colette Mabrey Early Learning Center Lead Teacher II ELC 815-825-9880
Early Learning Center ELC Sarah Wilcox Early Learning Lead Teacher 1 ELC 815-825-9880
Foundation Malerie Schumaker Community Engagement Coordinator B0300 815-825-9509
Grounds Justin Kees Grounds Manager F170a 815-825-9388
Human Resources Christina Crome Human Resources Generalist C1104a 815-825-9632
Human Resources Cindy McCluskey Executive Director Human Resources & Labor Relations C1101 815-825-9333
Human Resources Edgar Nunez HR Generalist Employment, Recruiting & Professional Development C1100 815-825-9342
Institutional Research and Reports Matthew Crull Director of Research and Data Management C2159a 815-825-9433
Instruction Scarlett Adkins-Valin Adjunct Instructor- Esthetics B1240 815-825-9700
Instruction Kim Jordal Administrative Specialist II B1301 815-825-9364
Instruction Cindy Karasewski Administrative Specialist I B1301 815-825-9307
Instruction Catherine "Katie" Macias Administrative Specialist I B1201 815-825-9453
Instruction Tiffany Morris Administrative Specialist I B1222 815-825-2951
Instruction - Medical Assistant Program Kara Schreiner Director- Medical Assistant Program C2257 815-824-9513
Instruction- Accounting Julia Davidyan Adjunct Instructor - Accounting 815-825-9700
Instruction- Economics Ileana Brooks Adjunct Instructor - ECO 815-825-9700
Instruction -Mathematics Kyra Rider Assistant Professor-Mathematics A2200 815-825-9525
Instruction-Anthropology JoAnn LoSavio Adjunct Assistant Professor-Anthropology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Anthropology Kay Shelton Adjunct Professor-Anthropology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art Alison Catalano Adjunct Instructor-Art 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art Robert Davis Adjunct Assistant Professor-Art 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art Jeremy Foy Adjunct Instructor-Art ACSS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art Timothy King Adjunct Associate Professor-Art 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art Loretta Swanson Adjunct Professor-Art 815-825-9700
Instruction-Art & Design Miles Halpern Associate Professor-Art & Design B1424 815-825-9345
Instruction-Automotive Technology AMT Tim Banasiak Assistant Professor-Automotive Technology/Teaching Chair E117 815-825-9818
Instruction-Automotive Technology AMT Shawn Long Assistant Professor-Automotive Technology E121 815-825-9795
Instruction-Biology Melinda Chaney Coordinator-Biology Lab C2267 815-825-9496
Instruction-Biology Megan Chastain Adjunct Instructor-Biology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Biology Adam Hughes Assistant Professor-Biology C1237 815-825-9372
Instruction-Biology Sandra Johnston Instructor-Biology C2213 815-825-9531
Instruction-Biology Carla Lawrence Adjunct Assistant Professor-Biology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Biology Elena Lineberry Assistant Professor-Biology C1242 815-825-9313
Instruction-Biology Tania Nezrick Professor-Biology C2211 815-825-9481
Instruction-Biology Anne Oestreich Assistant Professor-Biology C1239 815-825-9451
Instruction-Biology, Agr Sean Walters Adjunct Assistant Professor-Biology 815-825-9700
Instruction-BNA Sue Christiansen Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant 815-825-9700
Instruction-BNA Bridget Meier Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant 815-825-9700
Instruction-Business Kelly Robar Adjunct Assistant Professor-Business 815-825-9700
Instruction-Business/Marketing/Management Tammy Tiggelaar Associate Professor-Business/Marketing/Management A1401B 815-825-9478
Instruction-CAD Phillip Altice Adjunct Instructor-CAD 815-825-9700
Instruction-CAD Christopher Griffith Adjunct Assistant Professor-CAD 815-825-9700
Instruction-CAD Cortney Kuehne Adjunct Assistant Professor-CAD 815-825-9700
Instruction-Chemistry Laura Murdaugh Associate Professor-Chemistry C1233 815-825-9311
Instruction-Chemistry Nicole Potts Associate Professor-Chemistry C1234 815-825-9353
Instruction-CIS Paul Newell Adjunct Instructor-CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Tori Austin Adjunct Instructor-Communications 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Susan Carlson Adjunct Instructor-Communication 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Zachary Corrigan Adjunct Associate Professor-Communication 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Arial Larson Adjunct Assistant Professor-Communication 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication David Simon Adjunct Associate Professor-Communication 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Maria Stefenel Adjunct Instructor-Communication 815-825-9700
Instruction-Communication Matthew Weibel Assistant Professor-Communication A2239 815-825-9668
Instruction-Computer Science Antonio Davis Adjunct Instructor - CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Computer Science Susan Greever Adjunct Instructor-CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Computer Science Paul Gullman Adjunct Assistant Professor-CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Computer Science Larry Jackson Adjunct Instructor - CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Computer Science Jennifer Merritt Adjunct Instructor-CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Computer Science Dave Wessel Adjunct Instructor - CIS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice Thomas Jones Adjunct Assistant Professor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice Cadle Steve Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice CRJ John Holiday Adjunct Professor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice CRJ Jennifer Marcellis Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice CRJ Thomas Phillips Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-Criminal Justice CRJ Joseph Przybyla Instructor of Criminal Justice A1419 815-825-9693
Instruction-CRJ Shane Woody Adjunct Associate Professor-Criminal Justice 815-825-9700
Instruction-CRT Bill Rogers Adjunct Instructor-Collision Repair Technology E104 815-825-9728
Instruction-Culinary/Hospitality Christy Sharp Adjunct Faculty-Culinary/Hospitality 815-825-9700
Instruction-Diesel Power Technology Joseph Bereckis DPT Toolroom Attendant E138 815-825-9804
Instruction-Diesel Power Technology John Boesche Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology E119 815-825-9813
Instruction-Diesel Power Technology Mark Engel Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology E120 815-825-9787
Instruction-Diesel Power Technology Don Flink Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology E118 815-825-9784
Instruction-Diesel Power Technology Clay Hansen Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology 815-825-9700
Instruction-ECE Anna Harvey Adjunct Associate Professor-Early Childhood Education 815-825-9700
Instruction-ECE Sue Whalen Adjunct Instructor-Early Childhood Education 815-825-9700
Instruction-Economics Shaila Ahmed Adjunct Instructor-Economics ACSS 815-825-9700
Instruction-Economics Abhijeet Bhattacharya Adjunct Assistant Professor-Economics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Economics Shaque Haque Adjunct Instructor-Economics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Economics Mohammed Partapurwala Adjunct Assistant Professor-Economics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Education Jacqueline Cleven Adjunct Associate Professor-Education 815-825-9700
Instruction-Education Cynthia deSeife Adjunct Professor-Education B1236 815-825-9700
Instruction-Education Avra Robinson Adjunct Instructor-Education 815-825-9700
Instruction-ELE Andrew Otieno Adjunct Instructor-Electronics 815-825-9700
Instruction-ELE Kurt Wolter Adjunct Instructor-ELE 815-825-9700
Instruction-EMS Ashton King Adjunct Instructor-Emergency Medical Services 815-825-9700
Instruction-EMS Kristine Pruski Adjunct Instructor-Emergency Medical Services B1215 815-825-9497
Instruction-English Melanie Dittus Adjunct Instructor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Brian Edwards Adjunct Instructor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Carl Fuerst Assistant Professor-English A2236 815-825-2922
Instruction-English Nate Gordon Associate Professor-English B2317 815-825-9383
Instruction-English Walter Howard Adjunct Assistant Professor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Tina Hultgren Associate Professor-English B2320 815-825-9395
Instruction-English Ami Irmen Associate Professor-English A2203 815-825-9378
Instruction-English Amy Johnson Adjunct Instructor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Elizabeth Kempton Adjunct Assistant Professor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Bonnie Miller-O'Dell Assistant Professor-English A2204 815-825-9394
Instruction-English Joseph Mysliwiec Adjunct Instructor -ENG 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Razel Navarro Adjunct Assistant Professor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Rachael Skog Adjunct Instructor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Steven Studnicka Adjunct Assistant Professor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-English Todd West Associate Professor-English B2318 815-825-9371
Instruction-English Muriel Wheeler Adjunct Instructor-English 815-825-9700
Instruction-Esthetics Trisha Eppley Adjunct Instructor-Esthetics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Geography Andrea Moore Adjunct Instructor-Geography 815-825-9700
Instruction-Health Bethany Hollarbush Adjunct Instructor-Health online 815-825-9700
Instruction-Health Kate Olson Adjunct Instructor-Health 815-825-9700
Instruction-Health, Agr Audra Boehne Adjunct Professor-Health B1236 815-825-9700
Instruction-History Jennifer Jossendal Assistant Professor-History A2212 815-825-9376
Instruction-History Branden McCullough Assistant Professor-History A2215 815-825-9474
Instruction-HIT Ayan Hill Adjunct Instructor - HIT 815-825-9700
Instruction-HIT Geanyra Sanchez Adjunct Instructor - HIT 815-825-9700
Instruction-HORT Catherine Marsh Adjunct Assistant Professor-Horticulture 815-825-9700
Instruction-HORT, Agr Richard Alde Assistant Professor-Horticulture Greenhouse 102 815-825-9519
Instruction-HORT, Agr Janet Gallagher Associate Professor-Horticulture B1416 815-825-9504
Instruction-Manufacturing Technology John Gruben Adjunct Instructor-Manufacturing Technology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Mathematics Dominica Blalock Assistant Professor-Mathematics A2245 815-825-9347
Instruction-Mathematics Robert Brown Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Mathematics Nicole Criswell Assistant Professor-Mathematics A2205 815-825-9530
Instruction-Mathematics Thomas Harrison Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Mathematics Jonathan Ho Instructor-Mathematics A2249 815-825-9346
Instruction-Mathematics Lori Jones Adjunct Professor-Mathematics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Mathematics Will Michels Assistant Professor-Mathematics/Teaching Chair A2247 815-825-9802
Instruction-Mathematics Matt Read Assistant Professor-Mathematics A2248 815-825-9463
Instruction-Mathematics Benjamin Wallis Adjunct Associate Professor-Mathematics 815-825-9700
Instruction-Mathematics Andrew Wang Assistant Professor-Mathematics A2242 815-825-9853
Instruction-Music Soo-Yon Choi Adjunct Instructor-Music 815-825-9700
Instruction-Music John Rakes Adjunct Professor-Music 815-825-9700
Instruction-Music Eric Schroeder Adjunct Professor-Music 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Lynn Albers Adjunct Assistant Professor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Shane Baker Adjunct Instructor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing June Callahan Assistant Professor-Nursing B1231 815-825-9785
Instruction-Nursing Angie Delmont Director of Nursing B1223 815-825-9686
Instruction-Nursing Lorie Dold Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Cassandra Euell Adjunct Assistant Professor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Sherry Haley Instructor-Nursing B1226 815-825-9439
Instruction-Nursing Angela Hawkins Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Cynthia Keating Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Macy Klumpp Adjunct Instructor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Kimberly Luckey Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Lynnette Meurer Instructor-Nursing B1228 815-825-2078
Instruction-Nursing Doreen O'Leary-Nakaerts Adjunct Associate Professor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Amanda Ortiz Health Careers Simulation Lab Coordinator B1221 815-825-1707
Instruction-Nursing Cynthia Prendergast Lab Skills and Retention Specialist B1221 815-825-9359
Instruction-Nursing Kathy Schnier Assistant Professor-Nursing B1230 815-825-9801
Instruction-Nursing Kay Singer Assistant Professor-Nursing B1211 815-825-9847
Instruction-Nursing Kelly Soost Assistant Professor-Nursing B1216 815-825-9358
Instruction-Nursing Erin Weiss Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Jean Wiest Adjunct Instructor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Nursing Gynelle Wig Adjunct Instructor-Nursing 815-825-9700
Instruction-Office Systems Samantha Arbogast Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems 815-825-9700
Instruction-Office Systems Brenda Butz Adjunct Associate Professor-Office Systems 815-825-9700
Instruction-Office Systems Pam Pascolini Assistant Professor-Office Systems A1410a 815-825-9413
Instruction-Philosophy Tim Anderson Associate Professor-Philosophy A2238 815-825-9484
Instruction-Philosophy Melissa Foote Adjunct Associate Professor-Philosophy 815-825-9700
Instruction-Philosophy Dennis Johnson Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy 815-825-9700
Instruction-Philosophy David Sgarlata Adjunct Assistant Professor-Philosophy 815-825-9700
Instruction-Philosophy Brian Wagner Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy 815-825-9700
Instruction-Physical Science Timothy Millen Adjunct Assistant Professor-Physical Science 815-825-9700
Instruction-Physical Science Joseph Schoen Adjunct Professor-Physical Science 815-825-9700
Instruction-Physics Kimberly Ahlert Assistant Professor-Physics C1240 815-825-9350
Instruction-Physics James Mais Assistant Professor-Physics C1243 815-825-1705
Instruction-Political Science Talvi Bandele Adjunct Instructor-Political Science 815-825-9700
Instruction-Political Science Janet Clark Adjunct Instructor-Political Science 815-825-9700
Instruction-Political Science Timothy Marquez Adjunct Associate Professor-Political Science 815-825-9700
Instruction-Psychology Andrew Cline Adjunct Instructor-Psychology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Psychology Laurie Cox Adjunct Assistant Professor-Psychology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Psychology Sarah Marsden Assistant Professor-Psychology A2243 815-825-9308
Instruction-Psychology Audrey Smith Adjunct Instructor-Psychology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Psychology Taylor Walrath Assistant Professor - Psychology A2213 815-825-9426
Instruction-Psychology William Zingrone Adjunct Assistant Professor-Psychology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Radiography Amy Anthenat Radiography Faculty B1227 815-825-9452
Instruction-Radiography Lori Damask Radiology clinical preceptor 815-825-9700
Instruction-Radiography Jerry Fox Director-Radiography B1235 815-825-9361
Instruction-Sociology Kimberly Brostrom Assistant Professor-Sociology A2208 815-825-9852
Instruction-Sociology Kelly Champion Adjunct Associate Professor-Sociology 815-825-9700
Instruction-Sociology David Dosier Adjunct Instructor- SOC 815-825-9700
Instruction-Sociology Maria Jose Tenuto Adjunct Instructor- SOC 815-825-9700
Instruction-Spanish Andrea Botero-Moriarty Adjunct Assistant Professor-Spanish 815-825-9700
Instruction-Theater Margaret Scanlan Adjunct Instructor-Theater 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Lesley Kerns-Wilson Adjunct Assistant Professor-Therapeutic Massage 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Julie Kimpan-Freeman Adjunct Associate Professor-Therapeutic Massage 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Susan Lanning Adjunct Assistant Professor-Therapeutic Massage B1236 815-825-9363
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Kimberly Morgan Adjunct Assistant Professor-Therapeutic Massage 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Jane Pettersen Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Jane Pettersen Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage 815-825-9700
Instruction-Therapeutic Massage Esthetics Leslie Ciaccio Coordinator of Allied Health B1241 815-825-9363
Instruction-Welding Zachery Caccia Associate Professor-Welding A1429 815-825-9703
Instruction-Welding Carl Johnson Adjunct Instructor-Welding 815-825-9700
Instruction-Welding Mitchell Meares Adjunct Instructor-Welding 815-825-9700
IT Information Technology Stacey Alden System Administration and Security Engineer A1300 815-825-9325
IT Information Technology Sam Boualavong Application Programmer A1300 815-825-9319
IT Information Technology Dave Bresson Database Administrator A1300 815-825-9536
IT Information Technology Luke Challand Client Support Specialist A1300 815-825-9817
IT Information Technology Michael Ebner Application Programmer A1300 815-825-9506
IT Information Technology Charlotte Estes Coordinator-Media and Help Desk A1300 815-825-9488
IT Information Technology Eric Hermann Application Programmer A1300 815-825-9435
IT Information Technology Sam Kruizenga Client Support Specialist A1300 815-825-9510
IT Information Technology Brian Magnuson On-line Course Coordinator A1313 815-825-9418
IT Information Technology Phil Matushek Network & Telephone System Engineer A1300 815-825-9800
IT Information Technology RJ McGarry Executive Director of Information Technology A1310 815-825-9811
IT Information Technology Brook Miller AV/Media Technician A1300 815-825-9558
IT Information Technology Nick Piazza Assistant Director of Information Technology A1311 815-825-9770
IT Information Technology Skyler Quinn Help Desk Specialist A1300 815-825-9888
IT Information Technology Nathan Stein Client Support Specialist A1300 815-825-9794
IT Information Technology Steve Vitkus Network & Telephone System Engineer A1300 815-825-9302
Library Services Stephanie Henricks Library Assistant-Technical Services A1115 815-825-9545
Library Services Shelly Levine Library Assistant-Access Services A1115 815-825-9444
Library Services Gracia Watson Perkins Support Services Specialist A1115 815-825-9546
Library Services Frances Whaley Director-Library & Academic Support Services A1113 815-825-9499
Library Services Carol Wubbena Reference Librarian A1112 815-825-9544
Marketing & Public Relations Brett Herrmann Content Coordinator/Web Master B0300 815-825-9410
Marketing & Public Relations Andrew Schrock Multimedia Coordinator B0300 815-825-9548
Marketing and Public Relations Kelly Ness Director of Marketing B0301 815-825-9482
Printing/Mail Services Charles Butz Mailroom/Bookstore Clerk Bookstore 815-825-9438
Printing/Mail Services Lisa Chidley Mailroom/Bookstore Clerk Bookstore 815-825-9438
Printing/Mail Services Rich Fenton Printing & Mail Services Operator Bookstore 815-825-9323
Security Ben Hiatt  DeKalb County Sheriff's Office C2177 815-825-9529
Short Term Training & Continuing Ed Joseph Wisnow CDL, Lead Training Specialist A1426 815-825-9534
Student Services Denise Fry Admissions, Records & Registration Specialist C2100 815-825-9826
Student Services Megan Gerken Adjunct Assistant Professor-CSD 815-825-9700
Student Services Geoffrey Glowacki Records Analyst C2102 815-825-9469
Student Services Dariana Lee Director of Student Success C2119 815-825-9738
Student Services Jonathan Moore Case Manager-Upward Bound C2110 815-825-9343
Student Services Linda Smith One-Stop Assistant C2100 815-825-9850
Student Services Santina Swiger Director Enrollment Services & Registrar C2106 815-825-9732
Student Services Colleen Tumminaro Dual Credit Coordinator C2207 815-825-9471
Student Services - Advising Abigail Gould Academic Advisor (Transfer Programs) C2114 815-825-9822
Student Services - TRIO Danielle Owens Director of TRIO Student Support Services C2116 815-825-9421
Student Services - Advising Greg Perrin Academic Advisor C2117 815-825-9714
Student Services - TRIO Upward Bound Crystal Washington Educational Case Manager, TRIO Upward Bound C1216 815-825-9646
Student Services-Advising Sean Kesselring Interim Assoc. Dir. of Enrollment Services C2129 815-825-9881
Student Services-Advising Julie Oberheim Interim Director Academic Advising & Transfer Services C2113 815-825-9336
Student Services-Athletics Thomas Brennan Head Coach M/W Golf B2314 815-825-9412
Student Services-Athletics Joseph Conroy Head Coach Men's Basketball B2308 815-825-9343
Student Services-Athletics Megan Costanzo Head Coach-M/W Cross Country 815-825-9655
Student Services-Athletics Krystal Gundy Coordinator Student Activities, Athletics-Head Coach WBB C1124 815-825-9527
Student Services-Athletics Mark Hernandez Head Coach-Men's Baseball 815-825-9502
Student Services-Athletics Demetric Hightower Assistant Coach-Women's Basketball B2315 815-825-9576
Student Services-Athletics Matthew Hixon Head Coach Esports B2322 815-825-1715
Student Services-Athletics Francine Kenyon Head Coach-Women's Soccer B2310 815-825-9574
Student Services-Athletics Holly Lippold Assistant Coach-Women's Soccer B2315 815-825-9582
Student Services-Athletics Mark Lofthouse Athletic Trainer 815-825-9808
Student Services-Athletics Jeffrey Tamraz Head Bowling Coach 815-825-9369
Student Services-Athletics Colby Newquist Head Coach-Mens Soccer B2309 815-825-9505
Student Services-Athletics Eric Schrader Assistant Coach-Men's Basketball B2315 815-825-9385
Student Services-Athletics Michael(Eric) Simmons Head Coach-Softball B2312 815-825-9848
Student Services-Athletics Jeff Sisson Athletic Trainer 815-825-9808
Student Services-Athletics Anthony Terdina Assistant Men's Soccer Coach B2315 815-825-9579
Student Services-CSD/TRIO SSS Kristine Adzovic Adjunct Assistant Professor-CSD & TRIO SSS Academic Specialist C2110 815-825-9689
Student Services-Disability Services Mary Ann Cliffe Administrative Assistant-Disability Services C1210 815-825-9486
Student Services-Disability Services Kristin Elliott Coordinator Disability Services C1214 815-825-9467
Student Services-ELC Charlotte Brown Part-Time Teacher- ELC Early Learning Center 815-825-9880
Student Services-ELC Sandra Gould Teacher-Early Learning Center Early Learning Center 815-825-9880
Student Services-ELC Solveig Hopkins Teacher-Early Learning Center Early Learning Center 815-825-9880
Student Services-ELC Maria Lombardo Director-Early Learning Center Early Learning Center 815-825-9781
Student Services-Financial Aid Adam Gisseler Coordinator of Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs C2100 815-825-9806
Student Services-Financial Aid Wendy Goff Financial Aid Systems Specialist C2100 815-825-9459
Student Services-Financial Aid Tracy Komadina Administrative Assistant-Financial Aid C2100 815-825-9821
Student Services-Financial Aid Greg Putra Director Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs C2111 815-825-9649
Student Services-One Stop Edwin Camargo One Stop Assistant C2100 815-825-9631
Student Services-Safety & Security Amy Campbell Director-Campus Safety & Security C2177 815-825-9465
Student Services-Student Involvement, Athletics Scott Kawall Director-Student Involvement/Athletic Director C2129a 815-825-9837
Student Services-Student Outreach Missy Gillis Coordinator, K-12 Partnerships & Academic Advisor C2112 815-825-9423
Student Services-Student Outreach Graciela Horta Student Outreach & Intercultural Center Coordinator C2104 815-825-1711
Student Services-TRIO Kim Green Academic Coordinator-TRIO C2127 815-825-9653
Student Services-TRIO Tijhana Hobson Director of TRIO Upward Bound C1215 815-825-9437
Student Services-TRIO Arieon Thompson Administrative Specialist C2130 815-825-9713
Student Services-Upward Bound Ruth O'Donnell Upward Bound Summer Academy Instructor-Humanities      
Student Services-WIOA Claire Flieder Career Planner WIOA Youth Program C2110 815-825-9521
Student Services-WIOA Phylicia Hampton Coordinator-WIOA Youth C2126 815-825-9384
Student Services-WIOA Deja Ramirez Career Planner WIOA Youth C2118 815-825-9341
Testing Services Caprice Butts Coordinator-Testing Services C1226 815-825-9379
Testing Services Rhonda Oberhelman Test Proctor C1203 815-825-9841
Testing Services Heather Tesreau Test Proctor C1203 815-825-9841
Tutoring Services Jennifer Tencate Lead Professional Tutor-STEM A1106 815-825-9335
Tutoring Services Bear Wolf Lead Professional Tutor- HSSC A1106 815-825-9335
Workforce & Community Education Melissa Gallagher Director-Short Term Training & Continuing Education C2154 815-825-9466
Workforce & Community Education Laura Gregory Career & Continuing Education Specialist C2153 815-825-9641
Workforce & Community Education LaCretia Konan Dean of Workforce and Community Education C2151 815-825-9791
Workforce & Community Education Amanda Kost Employment & Job Placement Services, Coordinator C2152 815-825-9472
Workforce & Community Education Darryl Nix CDL Trainer A1426 815-825-9789
Workforce & Community Education Jeffrey Taylor CDL Trainer A1426 815-825-9798

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