Staff responsible for overseeing the maintenance and supervision of our College

The Senior Leadership Team, serving at the discretion of the President, helps the President manage the College. The Senior Leadership Team and the President’s Cabinet, reporting directly to the President, conduct day-to-day administration.

Senior Leadership

The Senior Leadership Team is comprised of the President, Vice President of Instruction, Vice President of Student Services, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director of Human Resources, Executive Director of College Relations & Kishwaukee College Foundation, Executive Director of Information Technology, Executive Director of Campus Operations, and the Executive Assistant to the President. The Senior Leadership Team is selected by the President and subject to change at her discretion.

President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet is comprised of the following (22) Administrators: President; Vice President of Instruction; Vice President of Student Services; Chief Financial Officer; Executive Director of Campus Operations; Executive Director of College Relations & Kishwaukee College Foundation; Executive Director of Human Resources; Executive Director of Information Technology; Executive Dean of Career Technical Education; (4) Deans of Instruction; Dean of Academic Support & Effectiveness; Director of Research & Data Management; Director of Business & Training Partnerships; Director of Operations; Associate Dean for Accreditation and Grants; Director of Development and Compliance; Director of Student Success; Director of Financial Aid; Director of Student Involvement. The membership of the Cabinet is selected by the President and subject to change at her discretion.