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Kishwaukee College Industrial Electronics and Controls classes range in size from 12 to 18 students. This smaller class size provides Kishwaukee students with a better student-teacher ratio than many private schools with class sizes ranging from 20 to 40 students. Kishwaukee students benefit from more hands-on personalized instruction and enjoy regular access to instruction, supplies, and equipment.

Whether you choose a career in Electronics or in Industrial Electronics and Controls, Kishwaukee College can help you meet your goals at a truly affordable cost.

Find out more about hands-on electronics classes for Spring 2020.

This program is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster.

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Learning 21st century electronics technology could be your key to career success. Students of Electronics and Computer Technology find rewarding careers in areas such as computer repair, industrial automation, residential and commercial wiring, copier and office equipment repair, and engineering.

A Career in Electronics Can Offer You...

  • Challenging work
  • Employment throughout the country
  • A typical 40 to 45 hour work week
  • Overtime
  • Individual and team work assignments
  • Excellent growth and advancement opportunities

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Charles Raimondi
Assistant Professor
Office: A1427