May 28, 2020

Kish students recognized with annual student awards

Kishwaukee College honored current students for excellence in the classroom. Faculty and staff recognized and celebrated the academic achievement of students during the month of May. Winners for the College’s literary & arts journal, The Kamelian, were also recognized. Students received certificates commemorating their achievements.

The following students received awards for their academic excellence:

Achievement Award in Mathematics: Hannah Lager, Rochelle; and Nicholas Patrick Shay, DeKalb

Excellence in History Award: Austin G. Arndt, Malta; and Colin Strader, Genoa

Natalie Calhoun Award: Cecilia Schmitt, Rochelle

Outstanding 2D Artist: Kerstin Henke, DeKalb

Outstanding 3D Artist: Cecilia Schmitt, Rochelle

Outstanding Academic Achievement and Peer Support in Theatre: Kayla Mingus, Oregon

Outstanding Academic Achievement in General Chemistry: Anthony Castaldo, Paw Paw

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Organic Chemistry: Caleb Vejvoda, DeKalb

Outstanding Creative Writing Student: Luke Martin, Sycamore

Outstanding Criminal Justice Student: Zachary Prosser, Rochelle

Outstanding English Student: Stephanee Dries, Genoa; Luke Martin, Sycamore; Peter Skaret, DeKalb; and Cody West, DeKalb.

Outstanding Financial Accounting Student: Nicholas Iscra, Genoa

Outstanding Managerial Accounting Student: Ramses Garcia, DeKalb

Outstanding Massage Therapy Student: Sierra Goddard, Freeport; and Jenna Lyn Hansen, Rochelle

Outstanding Photography: Leslie D. Wilcher, DeKalb

The College’s award winning literary and arts journal, The Kamelian, also announced literature, arts and best of show for this year’s edition.

The winners in the literature categories are:

Short Fiction: 1st Place: Sophie West, Oregon; 2nd Place: Adriana Aumann-Weyenberg, DeKalb; and 3rd Place: Rosemary Komes, DeKalb

Poetry: 1st Place: Carley Anne Ackland, Rochelle; 2nd Place:  Amerald Wheatley-Johnson, DeKalb; and 3rd Place: Maria Hernandez, DeKalb

Essay: 1st Place: Amerald Wheatley-Johnson, DeKalb; and 2nd Place: Anna Walter, Genoa

The winners in the art categories are:

Photography: 1st Place and 2nd Place: Olivia Napiorkowski, Genoa; and 3rd Place: Susan E. Pfotenhauer, DeKalb

2D: 1st Place: Callie Ackland, Rochelle; 2nd Place: Susan E. Pfotenhauer, DeKalb; and 3rd Place: Elsie Gordon, Dixon

3D: 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place: Susan E. Pfotenhauer, DeKalb

This year, the art judges unanimously selected Callie Ackland's two-dimensional entry Hatching as Best of Show, citing both the quality of the work and the story told through the piece.

To read nominations for each recipient of a student award, visit For a digital copy of The Kamelian, visit

Photo: Kishwaukee College presented the annual student awards during the month of May, honoring students for excellence in the classroom and announcing the winners in the College’s literary & arts journal The Kamelian. Picture: Susan E. Pfotenhauer, DeKalb, 2D Art, 2nd place winner. Photo provided by Susan E. Pfotenhauer.