Summer 2021

Get a jump start on your coursework

Summer 2021

Summer is the perfect time to take classes before the upcoming fall semester. Kish offers a variety of opportunities for its students and those who are home for the summer.

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To view the entire summer schedule, select "Summer 2021" from the term drop down menu in the online course search and then click search at the bottom.

Free Textbooks for Summer

To help with the financial challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kishwaukee College students can receive all required course textbooks and digital material for Summer 2021 credit courses for FREE through the College's textbook loan program. 

Textbook Loan Program

Why you should take a summer class at Kish:

  • They are short: Summer courses are condensed to a few weeks.
  • They are flexible: With a majority of classes offered online, it’s easy to work around your schedule.
  • Your credit will transfer: Kish works with many four-year institutions to make your coursework transfer as seamlessly as possible. 
  • You can work ahead: Lighten your load for the fall semester. A class taken in summer is one less to complete during the upcoming school year.
  • You can catch up: Summer offers the opportunity to focus on that one class you may struggle with.
  • You can save money: Home for the summer? Take advantage of Kish’s affordable tuition, which is a fraction of the cost of four-year institutions.
  • Textbooks are free: As mentioned above, Kish is offering free course textbooks and digital material for Summer 2021 credit courses through the textbook loan program
  • You can graduate in less time: With enough courses completed in the summer, you may be able to move on to your next step sooner.

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