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Many academic options exist at Kish for social sciences and the arts. In the classic liberal arts tradition of education, you will establish the same basic foundation of education that has been pursued for centuries. A well-rounded classical education and the degrees to prove it are fundamental ingredients in tackling today’s changing world. No better avenue exists for learning to understand the world we live in today. A liberal arts education can prepare you to enter the business world, work in government, and education. More importantly, you will benefit from a well-rounded liberal arts education and perfect the communications, writing and critical thinking skills you'll need for success in your career and as an informed, involved citizen.

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General program questions can be directed to Academic Advising Lab (C2110) 815-825-9515 or Student Services (C2100) 815-825-9375.

Judson Curry
Assistant Vice President of Instruction
Arts/Communications/Social Sciences
Office: B1300

Kim Jordal
Administrative Assistant
Office: B1301


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