Helping shape the future

Foundation for the Future

Through generous donations, the Foundation helps shape the future and enhances the development of the students, programs, faculty, and facilities at Kishwaukee College.

Thanks to the generosity of businesses, associations and individuals, the Kishwaukee College Foundation is able to offer scholarships to eligible students each year.

Kishwaukee College Foundation is celebrating the College’s 50th Anniversary with a Special Giving Opportunity.

Every gift matters and helps shape the future of our students and the communities they will one day serve.

The Foundation hosts special events throughout the year to showcase excellence at the college and to recognize those who have made it possible.

The reasons for giving are varied, yet the result remains the same…your generous support helps to create a brighter future for our students.

The Kishwaukee College Foundation is a non profit organization established in 1971 to advance the future of the college, its students and programs.