Contact Tracer

Contact Tracer

Contact tracers are skilled, public health professionals who provide information regarding isolation/quarantine, testing and public health resources. They work with individuals who have been diagnosed with a highly communicable disease and individuals who have been exposed to highly communicable diseases. Contact tracers are trained to communicate respectfully and empathetically. In addition, they are trained to adhere to strict confidentiality and ethical standards and to use technology to collect required information.

Career Outlook

Contact Tracers are in HIGH demand in both the public and private sector. Bilingual contact tracers are in especially HIGH demand. The average pay rate is $20/hour.

Class Overview

The class will be 100% online, starting on November 1 and ending on November 14,2020. 
The following topics will be covered:

  • Basics of COVID-19
  • The Investigation Process - Ethical Considerations
  • Communication Skills

Discussion threads will be conducted regularly. Students will be required to post responses by deadlines. Exams and quizzes will be conducted online. Review options will be offered.

Students will have the opportunity to practice their communication skills, with the instructor, via an online/live platform.

The cost of the class is $50. This cost includes instruction and access to the online learning platform. Federal and State financial aid are not available to offset the cost of the class.

Dates Location Cost Course Code
November 1-14, 2020 Online $50 CTH 705 3002


For registration information, please review the Ways to Register webpage.

Students must be at least 18 years of age to register for the Contact Tracer class.

Contact Information

For general inquiries or questions, please email: