Customized Training

Prepare for Impact with Customized Training through KC Center

Customized Training

Today’s competitive economy demands that employees are highly skilled. Employees are faced with rapid change and many are not prepared for this fast pace. They are either learning new skills or applying their existing skills in new ways like never before. We appreciate the pressures that businesses face and are committed to helping companies train, retain and hire a superior workforce.

The Customized Training through Kishwaukee College is a resource that helps translate business strategies into bottom line results through employee development. We have the industry knowledge to provide training that is relevant to your unique business needs. We listen to the needs of individual companies and collaboratively design solutions and programs to meet those needs.

What We Provide

  • Comprehensive training and curriculum development
  • Qualified consultants with industry experience
  • Cost effective resources to meet your training needs
  • Thorough needs assessment to provide relevant training solutions

Our Approach

We provide quality training that's straightforward and effective.


Developing a good understanding of your organization’s needs is critical to successful implementation. An in-depth analysis of your organizations culture, structure and vision is completed during this step. The analysis provides a critical review of skill gaps and other business needs.


Collaboratively we will work to address your workforce skill gaps and academic priorities, then design educational solutions that align to your organization’s goals.


Proper execution is vital to the success of any training program. We strive to ensure that the delivery of training and consultative services will effectively achieve your organization’s educational goals and objectives.


We provide our clients evaluation and feedback tools to determine if the training delivered met the intended business objectives and learning outcomes.

We are here here to assist your organization in gaining a competitive advantage with a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. If your company is ready to start the conversation about employee development, contact us today!

Contact Information

Melissa Gallagher
Coordinator, Short Term Training & Continuing Education