November 13, 2018
Photo caption: Kishwaukee College celebrated First Generation Students Day on Thursday, November 8. The event was sponsored by TRiO SSS with Student Activities and TRiO Upward Bound. Pictured is TRiO Upward Bound student, Uriah Hegwood of DeKalb, and guest speaker, Jahquan Hawkins. Hawkins is the author of "Finding My Way," a book about navigating through college successfully; he spoke at the event from 11:30-12:30 pm in the Kish Cafe on campus. The event was attended by Kish students and staff as well as DeKalb High School students in the TRiO Upward Bound program.
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November 6, 2018

The Alpha Rho Eta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society welcomed 22 new members this fall at Kishwaukee College. The new members were inducted during a candle-lighting ceremony held in Jenkins Auditorium at the College on October 16.

The ceremony was presided over by the current officers of the Alpha Rho Eta chapter: Jonathan Prose, Oregon, President; Katherine Yunek, Sycamore, Vice-President; Richard Ragan, Lee, Hallmark Officer; Elizabeth Fritz, Sycamore, Public Relations Officer; and Olin Simpson, Shabbona, Recording Officer. The Kishwaukee College chapter faculty advisors are Dominica Blalock and Timothy Anderson.

During the ceremony, inductees and their families and friends were welcomed to the College by Dr. Laurie Borowicz, President of Kishwaukee College. Attendees enjoyed a guitar performance by Eric Schroeder, Music instructor at the College. The key note speaker was Laurie Hoecherl, Teaching Chair of Math/Science/Business at Kish.

Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, is the largest honor society in higher education. Founded in 1918, there are now 1,250 Phi Theta Kappa chapters on college campuses in all 50 of the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world. More than 2.5 million students have been inducted since its founding, with approximately 135,000 students inducted annually. The society offers opportunities for scholarships, intellectual enrichment, and personal development through programs based on the society’s hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship.

To be eligible for membership, a student must complete a minimum of twelve hours of college level course work and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on 4.0 scale. Students must maintain a high academic standing throughout their enrollment in the two-year college. 

The following Kishwaukee College students were honored with membership in this prestigious organization for Fall 2018:

Belvidere: Alec Tworek;

Cortland: Jacob Ihm; Serene Labadi; Victoria Pham

DeKalb: Normam Donahue; Ataur Rab; Lily Smith-Riel; Whitney Sprague;

Genoa: Skylar Doherty; Jennah Smith;

Kingston: Amanda Ness;

Oregon: Raven Brewer; Hailey White;

Rochelle: Callie Ackland; Carley Ackland; Nancy Lopez Torrez;

Sycamore: Celia Carpenter; Emily Enriquez; Bryce Hanson; Jacob Madden

November 5, 2018

Kishwaukee College Cross Country athlete, Tania Barragan of DeKalb, has qualified for the NJCAA Division I National Cross Country meet on November 10 in Garden City, Kansas, hosted by Garden City Community College. She qualified for “All Region” after placing 9th in the NJCAA Region IV Cross Country meet on Saturday, October 27, hosted by the College of Lake County. The Cross Country team at Kish is in its inaugural year and Barragan is the first Cross Country athlete in Kish history to attend nationals.

“I’m just really happy and excited that I get to represent Kish as the first woman to go to nationals because it’s the first season we’ve ever even had a team,” said Barragan. The sophomore is a DeKalb High School graduate and ran for three years on the DHS cross country team. She plans to major in Nutrition.

“We are thrilled to be making the trip to Garden City, Kansas to support Tania,” said Assistant Cross Country Coach, Missy Gillis, “Competing at nationals was a goal she set early in the season.” Gillis noted that both she and Head Cross Country Coach, Richard Collins, were extremely proud of Barragan and thankful for the support the team has received this year. “Kishwaukee College President, Dr. Laurie Borowicz, has been supportive of our inaugural program. We are appreciative and looking forward to season two in the fall of 2019,” Gillis said.

Barragan described her Kish coaches, as incredibly helpful. The proof is in her 6K run times, which she’s cut down by five minutes since her high school running days. Barragan attributed much of her success to training in the off-season. She said Gillis, helped inspire Barragan while she was off season, “When Missy called me in November about this team, it was motivating to make me stay on top of running and in shape for the [2018] season.”

Barragan trains six days a week, taking off Sunday for recovery. She explained that she was recently suffering a back injury so her training was less intense prior to the qualifying meet. “I was hoping for top five, but was happy with top ten,” Barragan said of the regional race. She thinks she will perform better during the national meet, setting a goal of reaching top 40. “I’m going to try, even if I don’t reach it,” she said cheerily.

Competition is tough, though. Barragan said she’s looked at the times from last year and knows there are a few teams to look out for in the upcoming meet. Still, Barragan is confident, disciplined, and excited. “I feel honored and blessed to represent Kish,” she concluded, “I hope this brings positive attention to the team as we expand next year.”

For more information on Cross Country at Kishwaukee College, contact Head Cross Country Coach, Richard Collins at or 815-825-9655 or Assistant Cross Country Coach, Missy Gillis at or 815-825-9423.

November 5, 2018

Kishwaukee College will be hosting a Veterans’ Day Observance on Thursday, November 8 at 11:00 am in the Kishwaukee College Conference Center, room A1273. The Veterans’ Day Observance is free and open to the public. Community members should park in Lot A/South Lot and enter through door #16 or 17.

The observance will include a welcome by Dr. Laurie Borowicz, President of Kishwaukee College; presentation of the colors by the NIU Army ROTC; National Anthem by Kish student Naliah Mobley, DeKalb; Pledge of Allegiance; and recognition of veterans in attendance. The event will include a reading by John Gruben (current Kishwaukee Professor) from a passage Larry Johansen (former Kishwaukee College Professor) wrote for Veteran’s Day 1984; a presentation by Chuck Roberts of Rochelle, IL; a presentation by Steve Korth, Lindenwood, of the American Legion; and a Veterans Day Tribute video, “I’d Do It All Over Again.”

For more information, contact Meaghan Cassinelli at 815-825-9533 or

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October 22, 2018

Have you ever made a bad online shopping purchase? The reviews were great but when you received it, the jacket just fit you poorly? There’s an often-forgotten comfort in purchasing something in person -- the ability to try it on before committing. Try-before-you-buy isn’t a strategy saved only for your closet. In fact, you should try out college before committing. College visits and campus tours are valuable in determining if a college is the right fit for you. Even if you’re planning to attend a local college or university, there’s plenty of great reasons to schedule a visit to campus.

One of the best reasons to visit a college campus is to learn about everything the college can offer from a firsthand perspective. Campus tour guides are usually current students or staff members who have wisdom about campus that extends far beyond the college website. Your guide might share the quietest places to study; fastest time to grab a bite at the cafeteria; highest recommended classes or another piece of information that you’d never know about the college otherwise.

Many college visits allow time to chat with your potential professors or peers about the programs you’re interested in, as well. Hearing from students in your future field of study can help you determine if the college’s program is the best fit for you personally. You can ask personal, specific questions, like if majoring in Chemistry while pursuing college basketball is possible, which may help make your final decision between which college or university to choose.

Visiting a college campus also helps you feel prepared for your college experience from start to finish. You can visit the Student Services Office to check on the status of your application or visit the Financial Aid Office to follow up on your next steps while asking your toughest questions to knowledgeable staff. Stop by the campus bookstore to learn about the ease of purchasing textbooks and supplies. Test your taste buds in the cafeteria. Chat with a faculty or students to learn what high school classes will prepare you best for the rigors of college. Visit the Student Activities Office and learn about the clubs, organizations, and athletic programs available at the college so you can continue to pursue your passions (or discover new ones) post high school.

If you’re curious about Kish, now is the time to visit! Any in-district high school seniors or juniors who schedule a Kish campus tour with Student Outreach between October 29 and November 30 will receive a $5 gift card to a local chain and Kish swag. Students must schedule a campus tour through the Student Outreach to be eligible. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Kish Student Outreach at 815-825-9460 or sign up online at

Future college students face a huge pressure in choosing the right college or university, especially because there is no return policy. Be sure to schedule a college visit to make sure it’s the right fit before you buy!

*Article originally appeared in The Midweek

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October 19, 2018

The Kishwaukee College Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball teams will hold a celebratory season kick-off scrimmage event on Friday, October 26, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Kish Gymnasium. The event, known as, “Kougar Madness,” is free and open to the public.

The evening will begin with player introductions followed by a three-point shooting contest and dunk contest, featuring special judge and Kish mascot, Kody the Kougar. Following the opening contests, will be the Women’s and Men’s scrimmages. Throughout the evening, there will be time to meet the players, chat with the coaches, and have Kish players sign autographs. Special guests include local musician and Kish Student, Dustin Castillo, known as “Happy the Rapper,” and the Kish Kougarettes Cheer and Dance Team.

Friends, family, and community members are invited to cheer on the Kougars as they kick off their season. Parking is available in the E parking lot on the West side of Campus and guest should enter the gymnasium through door 40.

For more information please contact Krystal Gundy, Women’s Basketball Head Coach, at or Jay Moore, Men’s Basketball Head Coach, at, or visit the athletics website at

October 15, 2018

The cost of attending college in the United States is higher than ever but Kishwaukee College is working to combat it. Many Kish faculty are eliminating and lowering textbook fees for selected courses through the use of open educational resources and inclusive access materials.

Open education resources (OER) refers to educational resources available to educators or students without royalties or license fees; an OER has a unique license that allows for reproduction, and even adaptation, without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. Examples of available resources include everything from textbooks to videos and podcasts.

Inclusive access (IA) materials are digital course materials made available through the College’s Learning Management System. Students pay the cost of IA materials up front, when they register for classes, and have access to their materials online. IA materials are significantly cheaper than commercial textbooks purchased after the semester begins.

As of 2018, 21 unique Kish courses (and multiple sections of each course) use OER or IA materials. During the Fall 2018 semester, Kish students saved $52,246 through the use of OER and IA materials versus traditional, commercial textbooks. Classes that utilize OER and IA materials at Kish include Biology, Business, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Math, Marketing & Management, Psychology, and Sociology. “I’m saving over $100 for my Sociology book through OER,” said Kish sophomore, Karli Miller of Mount Morris, who found the same SOC 170 book available for over $250 at a national bookstore retailer.

The dramatic cost savings isn’t the only advantage of using OER and IA materials. OER and IA textbooks allow students to access an e-book version of the textbook on the first day of class. If the student wants a physical copy, they can have it printed in-house at the College for significantly less money than a traditional commercial textbook. Kish student, Whitney Brace of Sycamore, noted the convenience of receiving her IA materials for her MATH 098 course, “It was one less book I had to worry about getting from the Bookstore and was taken care of through my financial aid.”

Another advantage of IA materials is the cost for the book is included in course fees. Jessica Anderson, Assistant Marketing Director and Bookstore Manager at Kish explained, “Students can use Financial Aid to pay for their books in the Kish Bookstore, but they cannot use a payment plan there. Since, IA books are charged with tuition, the students can have access to their materials while paying their balance down with the College payment plan.”

Additionally, OER and IA materials are offered in online format, which is popular among college-age students. Hannah Ferguson of Genoa, a freshman at Kish, uses a digital book in her math class. “I find it extremely beneficial to have the inclusive access book because it is easier to use when [my] homework is linked online,” she said, noting the convenience of digital assignments versus paper materials. She elaborated, “I never even need to open the physical textbook.” Assistant Professor of Psychology at Kish, Paula Stroud, brought up an additional important benefit of the online format, “OERs are more accessible for students with a wide range of disabilities.”

Lastly, the quality of learning is not decreased by using these alternative resources. Tim Lockman, Instruction Librarian & Instructional Designer at Kish, acknowledged the research in this area is relatively new and it’s hard to make claims about OER versus traditional textbooks. However, he continued, “I think it’s fair to say that, generally speaking, open textbooks are not inferior to traditional textbooks when it comes to educational results.”

Kish faculty began implementing OER in 2017 and will continue to expand use of OER and IA in the future. Jessica Anderson elaborated, “We consistently aim to reduce student barriers to success. The faculty is focused on exploring new delivery methods while keeping an eye on quality and positive student outcomes.”

As college costs continue to rise, Kish is looking at a variety of ways to make higher education affordable for students. Reducing textbook costs is one of the College’s annual goals and implementing OERs and IAs are one of the ways Kish is doing so.

For more information, contact Jessica Anderson, Assistant Marketing Director and Bookstore Manager, at

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August 21, 2018

The Kishwaukee College National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) donated $330.00 to World Relief DuPage/Aurora on Monday, August 20. NSLS is the nation's largest leadership honor society; students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential. The Kish College chapter raised funds through a spaghetti dinner event, which they will donate to World Relief DuPage/Aurora. World Relief Dupage/Aurora offers holistic services designed to promote local integration so that refugees and immigrants root and flourish in supportive communities. Pictured L to R are NSLS executive board: Christine Newman-Askins, Rochelle; Roze Komes, DeKalb; Emily Plauck, Sycamore; and Tiffany Newman-Askins Rochelle.

July 5, 2018

Kishwaukee College is pleased to announce its Part-Time Student Honors List for Spring 2018. Over half the students at Kishwaukee College attend school part time and many of these students have responsibilities that extend far beyond the classroom, including work and family obligations.

To be eligible for this honor, a student must have completed a minimum of 6 (but less than 12) semester hours of college-level courses at Kish with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The following students have been named to the Kishwaukee College Spring 2018 Part-Time Student Honors List:

Arlington Heights: Nicholas Martin Zyskowski

Belvidere: Ashley Marie Garza, Pamela A Hulton, Rachel Pacey

Bristol: Sheila English

Chana: Daniel Roos

Chicago: Priscilla M Wise

Clare:   Jonathan William Bingham

Compton: Alicia Kay Cooper

Cortland: Pryia Imonie Evans, Elaxus Haas, Steven D Irmen, Kyle G James

Creston: Don Scott Unger

Davis Junction: Christa C Mozdzien, Olivia Kay Valentine

DeKalb:  Yahya A Ali Khalid, Kyle M Anderson,Gina Andrade, Matthew W Angel, Patricia Azzarello, Jenna Lee Bacchi, Tania Barragan, Kayla Nicole Baum, Lolade Bello, Isabella Maria Bettner, Haley Elizabeth Black, Amber R Boyd, Marcus G Brown, Scott T Brown, Rachael D Bumber, Caroline Butler Bushong, Sergio Camano-Valencia, Jennifer Guadalupe Castro, Anna J Chapman Demus, Kyle Robert Chritz, Douglas James Collin, Stephanie Curry, Jennifer Ann Cutshall, Taylor Jeseph Deaton, Muaad Khalifa Elgosbi, Rosivel Z Fernando, Jeffrey M Fleming, Jennifer Ann Freeman, Victoria Ghisolfi Mendes Souza, Rogelio Godinez, Joshua M Goff, Ethan S Graves, Ryan L Green, Ryan P Griffin, William M Hall, Heidi M Hershberger, Imani J Horton, Kyra Jencks, Shane M Kelly, Sara Elizabeth Kidd, Susan M Kinsey, Tiffany A Kroll, Michele Kuykendall, Mila Kvasnicka, Herwine Lamelus, Elijah A Lamontagne, Ashley Ann Lannom, Renee K Larson, Riley A Latimer, Amanda J Leever, Caryn A Lehocky, Katia Lizbeth Leon, Ronald Lofton, Cody J Marbutt, Alison Matykiewicz, Diana T Mazur, Kalene Morgan McGrath, Janice L Miller, Grace M Mirotznik, Neenah Royale Mister, Afag Elrufai Mohamed, Austin Morrisett, Michaela Mosolino, Ernest J Mueller, Abraham Benito Nava, Lori Neff, Dawn L Nelson, Alexandra M Panovich, Jinal Patel, Valerie Kay Rangel, Cassandra D Reid, Cassandra Reingardt, Joanna Rios, Stephanie Roach, Amber Dawn Roberts, Cecilia Robles, Richard Rojas, Rachael L Sajak, Barbara Schnurr, Meghan N Seanor, Nicholas P Shay, Daniel Ryan Smith, Rebecca Lynn Smith, Charlotte I Smolla, Jennifer Marie Spector, Phillip A Steinberg, Hannah Christina Sutter, Steven A Thorne, Emilee Thumm, Christopher Tompkins, Holly Elizabeth Trapp, Mary Kristin Veloz, Xiandia E Walls, James Edward Ward, Amanda Wendt, Kirstin Wetzell, Bailey Suzanne Whitwell, Leslie Wilcher, Philip Daniel Wilson, Andre D Wright, Xingtian Wu, Shamika Destiny Zuniga

Earlville: Ashley Paolello

Elgin: Carson R Garcia, Erika Neri Flores

Esmond: Casey R Kivikko, Dominic Swanson

Genoa: Kimberley L Baker, Joanna Nicole Cieslica, Danyelle Kuliaikanuu Crozier, Brett M Devine, Elizabeth Dillett, David L Fromi, Anthony Michael Giorno, Jayna Lee Masters, Felicia Leah Olson, Nicholas Wayne Olson, Kaitlyn Rease, Chase Evan Rogers, Kurt N Schmicker, Aubrey R Schuls-Trongeau, Stephanie Tasso, Nicolas Christopher Uecker, Kyle Andrew Wachowski, Lauren A Walker

Kingston: Andrew Caldwell, Kimberley Cheyenne Dabros, Heather A Edwards, Gianna Focht, Ekaterina D Gehringer, Hannah Michelle Harland, Jenny Denise Puckett, Catherine E Wille

Kirkland: Stephanie M Anderson, Thomas James Harvey, Bailey S Klock, Renee Susan Squier, Jeffrey Joseph Wruck

Malta: Arthur Bettis, Haley J Bruno, Deana Kay Clark, Garrison Stuart Govig, Brent Gross, Brandon Albert Johnson, Brittany Nicole Kopka, Janetta Marie Martina Chelsea Nye, Noah D Smith, Courtney A Wilson

Maple Park: Cathy M Walker, Alan J Webb

Marengo: Andrew Patrick Anchor, Andrew Michael Driver

Mendota: Rodolfo Arteaga

Mount Morris: Jared L Pottorff, Felisha S Toran

Oregon: Brandi Anderson, Raven Brewer, Tyler Austin Burke, Sheila Donmeyer, Spencer Hoyt Horn, Cha E Keller, Victoria G Lints, Mason J Tomash, Allison N Weber, Jordan Wilkins

Paw Paw: Julia Bonnie Hoelzer, Gabriel K.C. Johnston, Joshua M Mateja, Haley Grace Oros

Polo: Valeria Carla Viteri-Pflucker

Rochelle: Callie Ackland, Carley Ackland, Erika Cabral, Megan Joyce Dibblee, Hunter Nickole Eckhardt, Shannon N Fore, Lori Hammelman, Stephanie N Hardcastle, Micah Joseph Helgeson, Autumn L Hernandez, Emily Hope Hueber, Colin J Kee, Danielle Terese Lapp, Cass Larue, Laura Angelica Lopez, Heather L Malkmus, Miguel Monroy, Silvia Patricia Moreno, Zechariah C Norris, Gonzalo Comrado Ortega, Jasmine C Painter, Diana Karina Penaran, Henry Penaran, Kevin K Smith, Misty R Smith, Cynthia A Sweger, Joell Valdean Tanner, Brandon M Wagner, Ryan Matthew Winterton

Rockford: Omar Rashid Abed Alfattah, Joshua David Austin, Celeste Contreras, Amy E Pool

Sandwich: Brock Charles Kreiter, Andrew C Stone

Shabbona: Jennifer Kelli Gaston, Megan Devereaux Johnston, Mitchell Armonowen Tuntland

Steward: Gabriella Erickson, Kristen R Glavac, Hailey Marie Herrmann, Calla M Stroh

Streamwood: Edgar Alonso Chavez, Keith Shank

Sublette: Joyce A Papiech

Sycamore: Melissa Ambrozewski, Aaron T Beary, Mikaela L Bishop, Carolyn A Blanken, Keegan B Callahan, Anna C Cantrell, Jake Daniel Carani, Nick Anthony Cifonie, Sammuel Cottone, Paul Joseph Cronin, Carrie Rae Dominguez, Shelby Duncan, Ronald L Edwards Jr, Annie K Ferguson, Sawyer Kathryn Forest, Morgana J Gandsey, Sarah Therese Gattorna, Denise Grudecki, Shawna A Hackler, Tyler Nathanial Hill, Joseph Anthony Howerton, Timothy W Keller, Alison N Kelly, Lindsey Ann Knoll, William K Kroeger, Andrew L Larsen, Douglas Ethan McClain, Rebeka Mishell Mines, Thomas S Mitchell, Wesley James Newton, Jennifer Rose Noreiko, Wendy Irene Nowak, Miranda N Perri, Hannah E Pumfrey, Rose M Reynolds, Michel K Richards, Thomas Edward Sauber, Jill N Schneider, Alex J Selig, Nicole A Siuda, Jenna Hardt Stockl, Elizabeth Rose Swedberg, Amber Terry, Kieran  L Van Vliet, Allyson Elizabeth Versluys, Emelia Elizabeth Waugh, Reann J Way, Stephanie Wisner, Deanna R Zimmerman

Waterman: Shawn Agler, Keenon E Ecker, Breanna L Henry, Shayla Raye Koehler, Jennifer P London, Tara Ann Richardson

Yorkville: Kelly Ann Krajec, Megan Wollenweber

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June 4, 2018

Kishwaukee College announces the 2018 Academic Achievement Scholarship recipients. Scholarships are awarded to 2018 in-district high school graduates who meet GPA requirements.

New in 2018, there are two tiers: President’s Scholar and College Scholar. The President’s Scholar is a $1000 scholarship per semester for four semesters and is available to high school graduates with a 3.75 or higher GPA.

The College Scholar, a pilot scholarship for the 2018/2019 Academic Year, is a $500 scholarship per semester for two semesters and is available to high school graduates with a 3.25-3.74 GPA.

The recipients of the 2018 Kishwaukee College Academic Achievement Scholarships are:

President’s Scholars:

DeKalb High School – Jackson Marbutt, Inamur Rab, Melissa Stone      

Genoa-Kingston High School – Kelley Creadon, Benjamin Heinisch

Hiawatha High School – Kayla Taft

Homeschool – Noah Smith

Indian Creek High School – Topanga McCoy, Austin Suddeth

Oregon High School – Jared Pottorff

Paw Paw High School – Joshua Mateja, Josef McKee            

Rochelle Township High School – Morgan Baker, Callianne Isley, Justin Julian, Bibiana Milan, Mallory Ponto, Miranda Stryker, Angela Zamarron

Sycamore High School – Riley Baert, Celia Carpenter, Emily Enriquez, Morgan Olson, Kaylee Smith

College Scholars:

Cornerstone Christian Academy – Christiana High, Kayla Puentes

DeKalb High School – Madi Bicksler, Callie Borden, Taylor Dunaway, Dennysha Kizer, Maxwell Lange, Joselyn Marquez, Avery Mertz, Alejandra Moore, Miriam Nunez, Dulce Resendiz, Emma Rourke, Tyler Rouw, Alexander Wisdom

Genoa-Kingston High School – Hannah Harjung, Tyler Heinisch, Celia Huerta, Nathan Shannon, Zachary Uecker

Hiawatha High School – Jack Sunderlage

Indian Creek High School – Emily Rowland, Katelyn Schilling

Oregon High School – Addison Kitzmiller

Rochelle Township High School – Alexis Bialas, Lillian Fulgencio, Karly Keilman, Tania Sanchez

Sycamore High School – Teagan Cabral, Kerstin Henke, Shayna Schmit     


Registration is currently in progress for Fall 2018. For more information on enrollment and registration, contact Student Services at 815-825-9375 or visit


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