April 1, 2020

Kishwaukee College loaned Google Chromebooks to students on March 30 and March 31 through their Chromebook Loan Program. The College held a Chromebook drive-thru pickup for students to borrow a device while complying with the six foot social distancing recommendation. The program is in response to the College’s decision to move all instruction online with classes resuming after spring break on March 30.

“The Chromebook Loan Program is a way to make sure we are providing the resources students need to succeed,” stated Dr. Laurie Borowicz, president of Kish. “I am impressed by the quick response the campus community has had to ensure students still receive a quality education remotely.” On March 12, the College extended its spring break by a week, giving faculty and staff time to convert their courses and services to alternative online systems. The College is currently functioning fully remote until further notice.

Key personnel were on campus to distribute the Chromebooks in a drive-thru pickup outside the Conference Center. Students were sent an email last week with information on how to apply for the Chromebook Loan Program. “We currently have about 50 students who we are loaning Chromebooks to for the remainder of the semester,” said Michelle Rothmeyer, vice president of student services. “We will continue to loan them out as we are able.”

Melanie Higueros is one of the Kish students who took advantage of the Chromebook Loan Program. “We only have one computer at home and my younger siblings have to use it for their schoolwork now,” stated Higueros. “I picked my Chromebook up yesterday and it’s been awesome to have my own device to finish classes.” Higueros said it took almost three days to draft a paper on the shared family computer. Yesterday, it only took about five hours to complete the paper with her own Chromebook. She is taking 16 credit hours this semester and plans to go to law school in the future.

The Chromebooks will provide a way for students without computers to access their online resources, according to the College’s executive director of information technology, RJ McGarry. “Students will still need to have a reliable internet connection. We are working with the Kishwaukee College Foundation to help any students who need help securing a reliable connection to complete their courses,” McGarry said.  

Students in need of internet can contact the Kiswaukee College Foundation at for assistance. For more information on the Chromebook Loan Program or on the College’s response to COVID-19, please visit  

Photo: Kishwaukee College loaned out Chromebooks on March 30 and March 31 at the College as part of their Chromebook Loan Program to provide students with the tools they need to complete their Spring 2020 coursework online. Pictured: Michelle Rothermeyer, Kish’s vice president of student services.

March 11, 2020

Kish welcomes the McDonald Family Pipe & Drum Band and Irish Dancers for a live performance from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm on March 18 in the Cafeteria (C1131) on campus. Shawn McDonald and family perform all around the Chicagoland area and will share the art of traditional bagpipe and drum music, singing and Irish dancing. The event is free and open to the public.

A $3.00 Baked Potato Bar with all the fixings (cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, butter and broccoli) will be available from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm in the Cafeteria as well. The event is sponsored by International Ed Committee. Proceeds from the Baked Potato Bar support Study Abroad Scholarships.

For more information, contact associate professor of business, marketing, and management Tammy Tiggelaar at or 815-825-9478.

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March 4, 2020

Kishwaukee College’s Poetry Committee will lead interactive poetry workshops in a regularly occurring series on campus. Assistant professor of communication Matt Weibel and adjunct assistant professor of English Bear Wolf will lead “So You Wanna Be a Slam Poet” on March 12 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Art Gallery (C1260). The event is free and open to the public.

The poetry workshop series invites members of the community to join Kish faculty, staff and students in thoughtful engagement and interaction with poetry and poetics. “So You Wanna Be a Slam Poet” will look at ways to perform a poem for a live audience. Attendees will learn about public speaking, body language and intonation as well as analyze a handful of slam poems. Kish will host a poetry slam on April 30 at 12:30 pm for National Poetry Month.

Assistant professor Matt Weibel earned his bachelor’s in public relations from Bradley University and master’s in communication from Illinois State University. He is currently the honors program coordinator at Kishwaukee College. Adjunct assistant professor Bear Wolf holds a bachelor’s from
Northern Illinois University in English language and literature. He received his master’s in creative writing and Native American studies from the University of South Dakota. He is an international award-winning slam poet and was a runner up in HBO Def Poetry Jam's 6th season.

Workshop participants are encouraged to park in lot B and enter through door 58 for easiest access to the Kish Art Gallery.

The next poetry workshop is “Erasure Poetry.” Sometimes referred to as blackout poetry, erasure poetry is a form of found poetry created by erasing words from an existing text. The workshop will take place April 16 from 11: 00 am – 12:00 pm in the Kish Art Gallery (C1260).

For more information about “So You Wanna Be a Slam Poet” contact Matt Weibel at or 815-825-9668 or Bear Wolf at

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February 26, 2020

Kishwaukee College faculty will lead thoughtful discussion in a series on campus known as the Deeper Than Our Skins book club. The series is an opportunity for the community to join faculty, staff and students in conversations on historical and contemporary issues reflected in the books read. The series is free and open to the public. Each book is available in the College library in limited supply.

March 11, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano, room C1121 from 9:30-10:45 pm
This coming of age novel explores life in the 1969 neighborhood El Barrio in Harlem. Fourteen year old Evelyn learns to maneuver her teen years alongside the activism arising in the neighborhood from the Puerto Rican activist group, the Young Lords. Based on real-life events, author Manzano, who played the role of “Maria” on Sesame Street, explores the political and social complexities of the decade.

March 31, Mother of the Sea by Zetta Elliott, room C1134 from 12:30-1:45 pm
Exposing the horrific journey to slavery, a teenager is abducted from her African village and brought upon a slave ship across the Atlantic. The protagonist endures the journey and encounters a mischievous young child aboard the ship. Sprinkled with Yoruba religion, author Elliott explores the brutal journey into slavery in this young adult novelette.

April 29, The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang (writer) and Sonny Liew (illustrator), room C1134 from 2:00-3:15 pm
Told in graphic novel form, author Yang and illustrator Liew bring life back to the first Asian American superhero, Green Turtle. The Shadow Hero reveals Green Turtle’s origin story and quickly evolves into a rich and surprising tale.

For more information on the Deeper Than Our Skins book club, contact assistant professor of sociology Pernevlon Ellis at or 815-825-9540.

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February 10, 2020

Kishwaukee College’s Poetry Committee will lead interactive poetry workshops in a regularly occurring series on campus. Jud and Elizabeth Curry will start the Spring 2020 series with “Sharing Poetry with Children” on February 13 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Art Gallery (C1260). The event is free and open to the public.

The poetry workshop series invites members of the community to join Kish faculty, staff and students in thoughtful engagement and interaction with poetry and poetics. “Sharing Poetry with Children” will explore how and why people should share poetry with children. Whether the interest is in poetry or instilling a love of poetry in children, participants will read poems and learn strategies for making poetry matter to children.

 Jud Curry is the assistant vice president of instruction at Kish. He has taught college-level literature and writing among other subjects. Elizabeth Curry is a freelance writer, blogger, piano teacher and general polymath. Jud and Elizabeth Curry are homeschooling parents of 12.  

Workshop participants are encouraged to park in lot B and enter through door 58 for easiest access to the Kish Art Gallery.

The next poetry workshop “So You Wanna Be a Slam Poet” will look at ways of performing a poem for a live audience. The workshop will take place March 12 from 11: 00 am – 12:00 pm in the Kish Art Gallery (C1260).

For more information about “Sharing Poetry with Children” contact Jud Curry at or 815-825-9532.  

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February 7, 2020

The voter education program Let’s Vote! is coming to Kishwaukee College in February. Let’s Vote! is designed to educate people on various aspects of the election process. The interactive event will take place in Kish’s Student Lounge (C1130) on February 12 and February 18 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and February 24 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public. New and seasoned voters are encouraged to attend to educate themselves on the 2020 local and federal elections.

“The program came from a recognized need for voter education in the community,” says adjunct education instructor Cynthia DeSeife. “Many people including faculty, students and the student services department have been collaborating for months to ensure Let’s Vote! provides the best information and resources to help people make informed voting decisions.”

Attendees can learn in greater detail how the election process works from voter registration to casting a ballot. Various local civic groups will be in attendance including the League of Women Voters. Participants will have an opportunity to get their voter questions answered, review some of the issues and learn where to find reliable information on candidates and topics.

The event is co-sponsored by Kish’s Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA is the officially recognized student representative group at the College. Its committees are responsible for addressing the concerns of students, providing programs and services for students, chartering campus clubs and organizations and assisting these groups in achieving their goals.

Attendees are encouraged to park in lot A and enter through door 6.

For more information on Let’s Vote!, contact director of student involvement Scott Kawall at or 815-825-9837.

January 28, 2020

Kishwaukee College is hosting Visit Day on President’s Day, Monday, February 17, for prospective students and their families. Check-in begins at 8:00 am in the Kish Conference Center with a continental breakfast and the formal program will begin at 8:30 am and end at 12:00 pm.

“It’s important to find a college that’s right for you and the best way to make that decision is by visiting campus,” said Graciela Horta, Kish’s student outreach coordinator. “Come to Kish’s Visit Day, tour our campus, talk with current students and attend a session or two. I think you’ll be surprised by how much Kish offers.”

Visit Day is a conference-style event, allowing participants to select from 2-3 different sessions for each timeslot. This flexible schedule will allow for a customized day with sessions that will most benefit individual participants.

Session topics include: Paying for College, College 101, Career Technologies Programs, TRiO Student Support Services, WIOA Youth Program, Student Activities, Athletics, Foundation Scholarships, Honors Program and Supporting Your Student for parents/guardians.

Visit Day will also include a tour of the academic divisions as well as an optional campus tour and an Information Fair. Participants are encouraged to park in lot A and enter through door 16 or 17.

Register for Visit Day at For more information on Kish’s Visit Day, contact student outreach at  or 815-825-9460.

January 27, 2020

Kishwaukee College held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the College’s new food pantry, Kody’s Cupboard, on January 22. Kody’s Cupboard has been developed to provide supplemental resources to alleviate hunger and meet basic needs for the Kish campus community. The pantry is located in the student involvement office (C1128) and is open Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

"Kish is committed to providing supportive services for our students,” said Michelle Rothmeyer, vice president of student services. “Studies show that hunger and food insecurities prohibit students from achieving their college goals. Our students have also shared with us their concerns, which is why we decided to bring a food pantry to campus.”

Reducing barriers is an important factor in students achieving academic success. Kody’s Cupboard is one way the College is helping to combat food insecurity and hunger. The food pantry will provide free supplemental food and personal care products to the Kish campus community regardless of need. Students, including GED and ESL students, are eligible for items in the pantry.

“The Board of Trustees unanimously approved a food pantry for campus, an initiative developed by the staff and faculty. It’s one way that we take some of the stress off from going to college,” remarked Kathy Spears, board secretary. “It has been embraced by the faculty and staff at the College and we believe this resource will prove a benefit for Kishwaukee College students.”

Kody’s Cupboard is currently accepting donations of unopened, nonperishable food items, baby food and personal care products. Food donations can be dropped off at the student involvement office (C1120) on Kish campus.

Through the generosity of donors, the Kish Foundation has already contributed $1800 towards Kody’s Cupboard. Monetary donations can be made out to the Kishwaukee College Foundation and submitted to the administrative office (C2160).

For more information on giving or about Kody’s Cupboard, contact administrative assistant Madeline Sandgren at or 815-825-9528.

Photo: Kishwaukee College held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the College’s new food pantry, Kody’s Cupboard, on January 22. Pictured: front row, L to R: Albert Warnaar, Kish student government president; Kathy Spears, board secretary; Dr. Laurie Borowicz, Kish president; Cris Luna-Trujillo, student trustee; and Michelle Rothmeyer, vice president of student services. Back row: Kish students.

January 10, 2020

Kishwaukee College is pleased to announce its Part-Time Student Honors List for Fall 2019. To be eligible for this honor, a student must have completed a minimum of 6 (but less than 12) semester hours of college-level courses during the academic term at Kish with a grade point average of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The following Kishwaukee College students have been named to the official Fall 2019 Part-Time Student Honors List:

Aurora: Dominique Ward

Beach Park: Israel Gallardo

Byron: Victore Myers

Caledonia: Tyler R Dawson

Clare: Austin Carl Bunge and Tyler A Drake

Cortland: Theodore Michael DeForge, Andrew Del Rosario, Ryan J Greenlee, Lisa Lynn Guzinski, Lillian Grace Micaletti, Felipe Moreno, Lydia Ruth Shotton and Haley N Snow

Creston: Kaitlynn M Cook and Abigail C Kerns

Davis Junction: Christa C Mozdzien

Decatur: Nephertiti A Valle

DeKalb: Amari Jabriel Adams, Julia Alvarez, Samantha Lynn Anderson, Collin Michael Ausloos, Jamie Leigh Bankert, Madeline Faye Barnes, Tania P Barragan, Katie Lee Barrett, Meredith A Basalo, Claudia S Beckett, Elizabeth Grace Benisek, John H Bennett, Destiny Lee Bons, Amber Katherine Bowen, Amber R Boyd, Corin Brim, Yasmine Nanette Brooks, Scott T Brown, Rebecca Brucks, Ashlee N Burke, Charcolette Chatue Kamga Mamguim, Michael D Cho, Jacob Costliow, Cassandra A Delaurie, Zachary Robert Dresch, Waad K Elgosbi, Avery J Flores, Terrell Aston Frazier, Hannah R Gardner, Grace Scout Gehrke, Alayna Marie Hansen, Grace E Harrison, Tina R Heffernan, Lucas Paul Hendley, Elizabeth Carol Hill, Isaiah Hines, Jessica Holuj, Reilly Jones, Tara V Keen, Susan M Kinsey, Kelso Frances Kuipers, Ryan Alan Kwosek, Norma Jean Laino, Samuel T Lepien, Nicholas Lisa, Kathy J Lothson, Devon Timothy Lovings, Cristopher Luna-Trujillo, Ada Mayrel Mendez, Michaela N Mosolino, Ernest J Mueller, Mohammad Mustafa, Abraham Benito Nava, Dawn L Nelson, Guadalupe Itzamar Nunez, Lisa M Ortegel, Tasneem Osman Osman, William Spicer Paquette, Kristina Parra, Alan Pensado, McKenna B Poff, Rayanne Elizabeth Power, Valerie Kay Rangel, Amber Dawn Roberts, Colby Allan Royer, Diana Ruiz Reyna, Kadisha Sanchez, Sarah Margaret Seibert, Gabriela Serna, Nicholas P Shay, Christopher M Sherman, Fadima Sidibe, Mikayla P Simerly, Dillon Kyle Skinner, Robert Nicola Somo, Whitney N Sprague, Miriam Tellez-Soto, Keaira Myshell Infinity Thomas, Kristen M Trutt, Caleb James Vejvoda, Lisa Vogel, Mary Elena Warns, Jenna L Woodbury and Kyle J Young

Dixon: Cassandra E Hintz

Elburn: Duncan Buchanan Curry

Elgin: Ryan J Hresil

Genoa: Rebecca Ann Baert, Edwin Camargo, Lisa Ann Carroll, Savannah Lee Cravatta, Kaylee Loy Helena Dries, Grace Ann Galick, Chloe Marie Gallagher, Zoey Ann Marie Gearhart, Jasmine Ashlee Harris, Amber Nicole Herrmann, Madeline Jin Hill, Jessica Ann Howard, Brianna Marie Keegan, Cassidy Lynn Klassen, Michael Gerald Kuhn, Richard Joseph Kunde, Bernardo Marquez, Madelyn Rose McCarthy, Allison Kay Monino, Jennifer M Morrow-Ostergard, Isabel Sofia Napiorkowski, Jose Luis Ocelotl, Nicolas Paul Ortegel, Alison Jeanne Rahn, Jewel Rebecca Sanders, Ashley Allene Shearer, Morgan Nichole Siers, Owen Alexander Simmons, Daisy Soto, Alison Nicole Walitzer, Anna Christine Walter, William Buckley Whitten, Rafael A Zamarripa Puentes and Ashley Nicole Zuke

Hillcrest: Caesar Cisneros

Homewood: Chasity A Town-Perry

Kings: Sarah K Kanas

Kingston: James Robert Cerny, Martin Robert Hernandez, Claudia Andrea Hurtado, Rachel Ann Martin, Spencer W Mulso, Sarah Anne Swineheart, Anthony J Wille and Cassandra Lauren Winters

Kirkland: Megan Doles, Sarah L Lyons, Kevin Guillermo Martinez, Samantha J Piper and Cory Lynn Rylko

Lee: Evelyn Witte    

Machesney Park: William Anthony Barrett

Malta: Heidi Ann Hartwig, Rachel Ann Hutcheson, Karina Jimenez and Abbagail L Theodore        

Maple Park: Kimberly A Hendry, Christiana High and Cathy M Walker

Mendota: Chase Nicholas Stremlau

Monee: Shawnice Nichelle Randle

Oregon: Daysha R McLain, Katrina D Ring, Bianca E Ruchti and Amy L Willard

Palatine: Carlos Nova

Popular Grove: Brandon D Vangorkum

Rochelle: Callie M Ackland, Kyle Daniel Aldridge, Jennah E Asbury, Brianna E Baker, Sara Elizabeth Bell, Samantha R  Belmonte, Vanessa Belmonte, Anthony R Chavez, Skylar Lee Combs, Donald Ray Diviney, Sadie Lynn Downey, Carlie Ann Elder, Andres F Garcia, Alea Michelle Gaynor, Deandra E Granna, Cassandra Headon, Katee Elise Hendrickson, Lisset Guadalupe Hernandez, Melanie Higueros, Onessa Hueramo, Casey Jay Hutchinson, Michael F Jender, Juan Alberto Martinez, Starr Avis Marie Mendoza, Christina L Neale, Zachary A Prosser, Anna Faith Rainwater, Jennifer J Roushia, Jose Manuel Salinas, Kaylee Elena Sergeant, Humberto Vasquez, Erika Marcela Villalobos-Miller, Brandon M Wagner, Jonathon M West and Kersta Young   

Shabbona: Chad Carlson, Cooper Larsen, Sarah Beth McAllister and Caroline Mae Murphy

Sycamore: Alexander R Armstrong, Amni Nijia Austin, Chelsey Jean Bjelland, Ethan Edward Brannon, Kaylin White Briscoe, Michael Burdi, Cassidi Kay Calfa, Levee G Callahan, Christine Amber Canterbury, Travis L Catalina, Sarah Louise Christensen, Nick Antony Cifonie, Nicholas Robert Corn, Paul Joseph Cronin, Morgan Marie Culton, Kylie Feuerbach, Ashley N Foltz, Sawyer Kathryn Forest, Kristen Marie France, Jennifer M Freiberg, Hope A Fulton, Zackary James Geraci, Madyson Brooke Hash, Daniel Peter Hayes, Aja-Mone Hayes, Tyler N Hill, Lane Michael Huwe, Jennifer Leigh Jamison, Patrick Johnson, Jackson Matthew Johnson, Dora Jean Koz, Jessica R Krise, Rachael Elise Lalowski, Melissa Leigh Laurie, Abigail Lewis, April H Neben, Keegan Richard O'Donnell, Ethan L Pardilla, Sydney E Pascolini, Miranda N Perri, Murron C Qualls, Val A Schnurr-Trebe, Audrey Elaine Shipley, Nathan James Staniec, Jacob John Stockl, Evan Marshall Swedberg, Steven D Tarczynski, Jessica Dawn Thompson and Felicia Napolitano

Waterman: Tyler Jeffery Evensen and Joshua K Limrick

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January 7, 2020

The Office of Student Services at Kishwaukee College has announced the students named to the Fall 2019 Dean’s List. To be eligible for Dean’s List honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours (at the 100/200 level) during an academic term at Kishwaukee College with a semester grade point average of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The following Kishwaukee College students have been named to the official Fall 2019 Dean’s List:

Ashton: Christopher Matthew Holden

Aurora: Jose Bryant Ibarra

Belvidere: Chase Lee Nance and Anthony Thurnau

Byron: Dawson Leonard Christian, Madison P Rudsinski and Jenna R Winterton

Capron: Amanda Jo Jade Marshall                                                                         

Cortland: Sara Rose Dial, Diellza Elmazi, Melissa E Korzi, Kayley Lauren Mahumed, Michael Jacob Maveus, Mya Cecelia Millard, Raina Lucille Sands, Kendall Paige Sypien and Terri Lynn Wheeler                                     

Crystal Lake: Gwen E Waterson

DeKalb: Adriana Aumann-Weyenberg, Joseph Raphael Balbuena, Andrew Scott Brower, Cooper L Carlson, Emiley Anne Chimner, Olivia M Clausen, Helene Marie Collin, Betsy Christian Cooper, Derrick L Dailey, Matthew Patrick Diedrich, Abigail Joanne Diehl, Taylor Dunaway, Emily Joy Eder, Muaad Khalifa Elgosbi, Elaina Julia Erickson, Reynaldo Espino, Jeffrey M Fleming, Jose Angel Flores, Ladjion A Funches, Margaret Elizabeth Gannon, Jacob Gluhovski, Victoria Rose Goluszka, Monique Sherri Griggs, Jacob G Hanson, William F Hart, Adam D Hatton, Uriah Lakina Hegwood, Johnathan Louis Hillier, Tristan L Jensen, Meghan Kathleen Johnson, Dayne Austin Johnson, Michael D Johnson-Kueny, Emily Marie Jovanovich, Cole Patrick Kelly, Ashley E Kelly, Dennysha Kizer, Rosemary Komes, Lauren Olivia Kunke, Angeline Kathryn Lanza, Joseph J Laskowski, Dylan Matthew Lewis, Corbin William Madden, Veronica Marie Mata, Avery Elizabeth Mertz, Dakota Michael Montavon, Arianna R Moore, Francia Morales Diaz, Taylor A Morrow, Crystal Lynn Moser, Thomas Jack Mullis, Andrew D Murphy, Kelly Rachel Nelson, Adalynne Marie Norman, Glorie Anne OConnell, Ayodele Adebisi Oroye, Ian Scot Petersen, Emily B Pickeral, Isabella R Pinckney, Lyric Isis Pugh, Inamur Rab, Brittney Renee Reed, Dulce Yasmin Resendiz, Rebekah Lynn Reynolds, Evan David Rickert, Katherine Laurel Sherman, Phillip A Skokowski, Melissa M Stone, Hannah Christina Sutter, Abigail M Taylor, Mallory J Thies, Andrew J Tyner, Sreypich Un, Israel V Villegas Hernandez, Krystal B Webber, Ethen D Wetzel, Amerald Ivenna Wheatley-Johnson, Leah Michelle Witt, Alexander E Wragg, Christopher Philip Wright and Yun Hyouk Yang

Earlville: Josef P McKee                                       

Esmond: James Edward Ward

Freeport: Sierra N Goddard and Micheal Q Harris       

Genoa: Jackson Robert Bouque, Isabella Loraine Brown, Jacob Michael Bussen, Dylan Anthony Campbell, Kelley C Creadon, Joshua M Denoma, Stephanee Dawn Marie Dries, Kayleigh R Engles, Dina M Fowler, Joshua Gahlbeck, Madelynn R Grismer, Anna Grace Hansen, Hannah M Harjung, Jesus Lara-Parra, Tyler Lawrence Leahy, Cody James Ordlock, Joely Nora Overstreet, Michael Pope, Francesco Vitangelo Raimondi, Cameron Brett Rokke, Kristyn J Ruegsegger, Olivia Caroline Simmons, Evan William Skarzynski, Joshua Thomas Stratton, Zachary Jason Uecker and Jeremiah Franklin Walton

Gurnee: Brooke Nicole Miller

Hampshire: Kaitlin Isabelle Buterbaugh

Hinckley: Aurora Mae Grivetti

Kingston: Andrew E Brening, Dorian James Gonzalez, Ethan Michael Hoffman, Ivy James Lauderdale, Brett Michael Marth, Jayme Kaelin Todd and Michelle Elizabeth Williams

Kirkland: Joseph Adam Duncan, Crystal Gonzalez, Jeffrey E Jarka, Alyssa A Landshaft and Cassidy Wynne Sterling

Lee: Joanna Nicole Farnsworth, Jade Renee Milostan, Raymond Tomas Ragan and Thomas Michael Rissman

Lindenwood: Callianne Marie Isley and Thomas S Mitchell

Machesney Park: Walter J Schmitt

Malta: Alejandra I Moore, Angela J Sietsema and John Paul Vera

Monroe Center: Shea Kaitlyn Sparrow

Montgomery: Luis Esteban Joaquin

Morrison: Brandon J Meier

Mount Morris: Autumn L Nelson           

Oregon: Ericka Biekert, Kayla Rainne Mingus, Cristina Tranchina and Sophie Charlotte West

Paw Paw: Anthony Micheal Castaldo and Joshua M Mateja

Pingree Grove: Chandler Joseph Schoenfeld

Rochelle: Carley A Ackland, Katelyn H Ackland, Ubaldo Angel Aguirre, Yaritza Bueno, Rebecca Lynn Bunger, Damesis Evelyn Carrillo, Judith Fulgencio, Lillian M Fulgencio, Komla W Gati, Jennifer M Gonzalez, Jenna Lyn Hansen, Bryant David Hernandez, Kayle Renee Johnson, Justin Julian, Jaelyn M Kammes, Hannah Lynn Lager, Mandi Faith Lamb, Ryan Patrick Mickey, Zachary G Miller, Bartt N Milligan, Brooke Taylor Myroth, Gwendolyn G Papke, Katelyn M Ragan, Devor Jaden Rodabaugh, Cecilia G Schmitt, Nicole Marie Sheets, Isabela Angelina Singleton, Hannah M Tilley, Riley Kyle Williams and Angela V Zamarron

Rockford: Richard Dolan, Megan Rae Hoffman, Cullin Joseph Hultgren and Madeline Elaine Jirak

St. Charles: Davis C Dunham

Shabbona: Parker Joseph McClane, Devin Leigh Probst, Emily Marie Rowland, Miranda Lynn Stryker and Emily C Woods

Somonauk: Lee W Baumgartner

Steward: Lindsey M Miller and Austin Suddeth

Sycamore: Ryan Paul Anderson, Riley Anthony Baert, Alyssa Rachel Bigelow, Nathan Paul Borgarding, Brett Alexander Brancato, David E Buck, Natalie Nicole Calfa, Abel David Campos, Leticia Diane Cardenas, Celia Annemarie Carpenter, Kendall Colness, Taylor M Correa, Nicholas Brandon Darlak, Kaylee Ellen DuMont, Ahmed Moduther Elfaki, Emily Enriquez, Kerina Kaley Evenson, Graham Christian Flieder, Cassidy Jade Gagalski, Idalis Jordan Garcia, Bryce Richard Hansen, Andreanna Michelle Hub, Emilee N Jackson, Jennifer Ray Joiner, Nicolas Robert Jonard, Grace C Martin, Lilian Njeri Ndicu, Morgan Elizabeth Olson, Stephany Aracely Penate, Karina Ponce, Andrew T Quinn, Natalie Joy Schmit, Taylor Joseph Smith, Alec Enrique Torres, Eric Tronc, Lucas Alexander Wagoner, Jennifer M Wells and Shayne O Zientek                                 

Waterman: Declan Charles Booker, Andrea Michelle Carmona, Madison L Gilbreth and Topanga R McCoy

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