Why Kishwaukee College

A closer look reveals true unmatched benefits and value

Why Kishwaukee College

Kish is dedicated to providing a challenging academic experience for our students, both inside and outside the classroom. With programs and academic coursework that will continue to open your mind, challenge you and provide you with new experiences, Kish is the BEST next step in your educational journey.

  • Ranked in the top 150 among community colleges in the United States by Aspen Institute
  • Ranked the 11th best community college in Illinois by CNN Money & College Measures
  • Tuition is a fraction of the cost of Illinois universities, 1:3 public, 1:7 private
  • 99% of students who transferred to a university in 2017 were satisfied with how their credits transferred
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Award winning faculty members
  • Diverse student population
  • 6 NJCAA National Athletic Championships
  • 9 Athletic Teams

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Any institution is only as good as the graduates it produces and the college stories that go with them through life.