Kish Cadet Corps

Kish Cadet Corps

Kishwaukee College is proud of providing a safe and secure campus for its students and staff. Building on this reputation, Kish has a new method of enhancing campus security: the Cadet Corps.

The Cadet Corps is comprised of full-time students in good academic standing who have taken a minimum of 9 credit hours in the Criminal Justice program, passed background checks and completed training led by Dave Dammon, Executive Director of Campus Operations and Sergeant with the Belvidere Police Department.

Members of the Cadet Corps are student employees of Kishwaukee College and work in coordination with the DeKalb County Sheriff officers on campus.

Cadet Corp duties include:

  • Responding to calls for assistance that do not involve criminal activity
  • Assisting on medical aid calls
  • Providing security at athletic and special events on campus
  • Traffic control for athletic and special events on campus
  • Patrolling campus by vehicle or on foot
  • Writing lost property reports
    Providing assistance to campus visitors
  • Direct services to students and staff: escorts to vehicles; assistance with dead batteries/locked cars; locking/unlocking doors; message delivery; and reporting potential safety hazards.
  • Assisting the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department with parking enforcement.
  • Other duties as assigned and needed

On-duty Cadet Corp members are easily identifiable on campus by their polo shirts and jackets which identify them as Corps members.

Students and staff who need assistance should feel free to stop an on-duty Cadet Corps member at any time.

Contact Information

Amy Campbell
Director of Campus Safety & Security
Office: C2126

In the photo they are pictured front L to R:
Hannah Miller, Oregon; Victoria Rodriguez, Rochelle; Catherine Camacho, DeKalb.

Back row L to R:
Jace Clark, Kirkland; Markese Dillon, Bloomington; Sgt. Dave Dammon; Richard Rojas, DeKalb; and Arron Atkinson, DeKalb.
Not pictured: Xica McClain, DeKalb.