College Strategic Planning Goals

College Strategic Planning Goals for 2018-2019

= Carryover from 2017-2018    

1. Helping Students Learn

  1. Reaffirm the importance of cultural activities on campus and develop an action plan for implementation and assessment of cultural competence*
  2. Develop an online AA degree for FA19 enrollment
  3. Expanding programming with area high schools
    • Increase dual credit full time equivalencies by 5%
    • Develop 1+1+2 model with area high schools and NIU
    • Measure effectiveness of recruitment activities
  4. Increase Fall to Fall student retention by 2% from 45% to 47%*
    • Pilot faculty retention project
    • Set minimum reading competencies for financial aid eligible courses
    • Develop and implement student outreach and retention plan 2.0
    • Explore providing financial incentives for students to re-enroll in our College
    • Develop and implement a process for identifying at-risk students to increase the success of at-risk student in programs
    • Implement Maxient software
  5. Identify and develop a plan for services for at-risk learners at admission
  6. Assess the ease of use on our web
    •  Host student focus group
  7. Increase CE course offerings and enrollment by 5%
    • Develop a new continuing education schedule book
  8. Create and implement manufacturing degrees in manufacturing and horticulture
  9. Develop new programs: culinary certificate, hospitality program (AAS), certified medical assistant
  10. Analyze completion rates for CT certificates and programs to meet local job demand

2. Meeting Student and other Key Stakeholders Needs

  1. Increase the number of local Athletes on teams to 75% of participants*  (MR)
  2. Develop a plan for connecting students, prospects, and parents to employers and local workforce needs

3. Valuing Employees

  1. Successfully negotiate KCAEA and KCSS
  2. Hold regular communication meetings with the President for soliciting feedback
    • Add bi-monthly Supervisors Forum
  3. Implement a staff wellness plan
    • Work with Vista National, Northwestern Medicine and the Wellness Committee
  4. Enhance Teaching and Learning Innovation Center to support online instruction and other learning technologies

4. Planning & Leading

  1. Develop a 3 year facilities master plan to incorporate both facility condition and utilization
  2. Expand the College Leadership Succession Plan to include all Supervisors*
  3. Update the College Strategic Plan including an evaluation of the Mission and Vision Statements and development of Core Values*
  4. Update the campus emergency plan
    • ​​​​​​​Assess the space utilization to ensure safety for the campus community
  5. Update the College Records and Retention Policy

5. Knowledge Management & Resource Stewardship

  1. Review special accounts 06 & 10
  2. Develop a plan to balance the auxiliary budget for FY20
    • Reduce Quest subsidy by 50%
    • Explore ideas for athletic fundraising 
  3. Implement Ellucian and OnBase enhancements for HR and financial aid
  4. Develop strategies to reduce the cost of textbooks*
  5. Create a learning technology plan*
  6. Implement automatic graduation for the students meeting requirements

6. Quality

  1. Consolidate data metrics to align with National Community College Benchmark Program Board of Trustees
  2. Successfully complete ICCB recognition, HLC Federal Compliance report, and HLC site visit Board of Trustees