College Strategic Planning Goals

College Strategic Planning Goals for 2017-2018

Bold – Carryover goals from 2016-17

*President‘s Goals set by the Board of Trustees

1. Helping Students Learn

  • Reaffirm the importance of cultural activities on campus and develop an action plan for implementation and assessment of cultural competence.  
  • Implement AAS Degree in Agribusiness by Fall 2018.
  • Add 6-8 online courses to be offered by Fall 2018.
  • Increase the percent of recent high school graduates attending the College their first year out of high school from 32.95% to 50% by the 2019-2020 school year.  Benchmark goals of 40% and 45% for year one and two.
    Data available in September
  • Increase Fall to Fall student retention by 2% from 45% to 47%.
    Data available in September
  • Promote and make accessible Career Pathways.
  • Develop a plan to expand CE Programming.
  • Migrate to Campus Labs assessment platform.
  • Analyze class scheduling times and revise to align with current student demand.
  • Create an effective Academic Advising model.*

2. Meeting Student and other Key Stakeholders Needs

  • Increase the number of local athletes on teams to 75% of participants.
  • Develop an Alumni Association.
  • Build on Employee Reaching Forward Campaign.
  • Create a Student Involvement Plan including Intramurals.
  • Explore providing financial incentives for students to re-enroll in our College.*
  • Hold quarterly student leadership group meetings with the President.
    a.   Student Government Association
    b.   Academic Achievement & PTK students
  • Recognize the 50th Anniversary of the College.  

3. Valuing Employees

  • Develop a Leadership Development Program that supports 15 future leaders.
  • Develop a Training Program for adjunct faculty, as part of the AQIP Action Plan.
  • Conduct Noel Levitz employee satisfaction survey.
  • Conduct a KCSS Salary Study.
  • Hold regular communication meetings with the President for soliciting feedback.
    • KCAEA
    • KCEA
    • KCSS
    • Part-time Employees
    • Professional Staff

4. Planning & Leading

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan to support goals of the College, to include social media and marketing to high achieving students.
  • Develop facilities master plan to incorporate both facility condition and utilization.*
  • Develop a Leadership Succession Plan.
  • Update the College Strategic Plan including an evaluation of the Mission and Vision Statements and development of Core Values. *

5. Knowledge Management & Resource Stewardship

  • Assess financial health and community need of College academic programs, including special accounts 06 & 10.
  • Analyze and assess Facility Sharing Partnerships with YMCA, KEC, & Health Center.
  • Further develop and implement the College Technology Plan.
  • Develop strategies to reduce the cost of textbooks.

6. Quality

  • Create a Board of Trustees and Foundation Dashboard to monitor Key Indicators.
  • Join National Community College Benchmark Program to benchmark our results.
  • Successfully submit an AQIP Systems Portfolio reflective of the outstanding work of the institution.*