College Strategic Planning Goals

College Strategic Planning Goals for 2018-2019

= Carryover from 2017-2018    

1. Student Success: Provide programs and services to foster student achievement.

  1. Reaffirm the importance of cultural activities on campus and develop an action plan for implementation and assessment of cultural competence*
  2. Develop an online AA degree for FA19 enrollment
    Increase Fall to Fall student retention by 2% from 45% to 47%*
    • Pilot faculty retention project
    • Set minimum reading competencies for financial aid eligible courses
    • Develop and implement student outreach and retention plan 2.0
    • Explore providing financial incentives for students to re-enroll in our College
    • Implement Maxient software
  3. Identify and develop a plan for services for at-risk learners at admission
  4. Assess the ease of use on our web
    •  Host student focus group
  5. Create and implement integrated degrees in manufacturing and horticulture
  6. Develop new programs: culinary certificate, hospitality program (AAS), certified medical assistant
  7. Increase the number of local Athletes on teams to 75% of participants*

2. External Partnerships: Partner with stakeholders to meet community needs.

  1. Expanding programming with area high schools
    • Increase dual credit full time equivalencies by 5%
    • Develop 1+1+2 model with area high schools and NIU
    • Measure effectiveness of recruitment activities
  2. Develop a plan for connecting students, prospects, and parents to employers and local workforce needs
  3. Increase CE course offerings and enrollment by 5%
    • Develop a new continuing education schedule book
  4. Analyze completion rates for CT certificates and programs to meet local job demand

3. Valuing Employees: Recognize the importance of building and maintaining a positive employee experience.

  1. Successfully negotiate KCAEA and KCSS contracts
  2. Hold regular communication meetings with the President for soliciting feedback
    • Add bi-monthly Supervisors Forum
  3. Implement a staff wellness plan
    • Work with Vista National, Northwestern Medicine and the Wellness Committee
  4. Enhance Teaching and Learning Innovation Center to support online instruction and other learning technologies

4. Continuous Improvement: Position the College for the future through thoughtful strategic planning.

  1. Expand the College Leadership Succession Plan to include all Supervisors*
  2. Update the College Strategic Plan including an evaluation of the Mission and Vision Statements and development of Core Values*
  3. Consolidate data metrics to align with National Community College Benchmark Program
  4. Successfully complete ICCB recognition, HLC Federal Compliance report, and HLC site visit

5. Resource Management: Optimize the fiscal, physical, technological and knowledge management resources.

  1. Review special accounts 06 & 10
  2. Develop a plan to balance the auxiliary budget for FY20
    • Reduce Quest subsidy by 50%
    • Explore ideas for athletic fundraising 
  3. Implement Ellucian and OnBase enhancements for HR and financial aid
  4. Develop strategies to reduce the cost of textbooks*
  5. Create a learning technology plan*
  6. Implement automatic graduation for the students meeting requirements
  7. Develop a 3 year facilities master plan to incorporate both facility condition and utilization
  8. Update the campus emergency plan
    • Assess the space utilization to ensure safety for the campus community
  9. Update the College Records and Retention Policy