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50th Anniversary History video

50th Anniversary History video

Presidents Reflect on Kish

The former and current Presidents of Kish

Norm Jenkins, Former President

Dave Louis, Former President

Tom Choice, Former President

Laurie Borowicz, Current President

Constituents of Kish

Alex McAnly, Current Student

Amber Davis, Class of 2003

Anne-Marie Green, Current Employee

Bertha Byros, Friend of the College

Bob Boey, Owner, Sycamore Industrial Park

Bob Johnson, Current Chair of Board of Trustees

Bob Pritchard, Retired State Representative

Bob Wildenradt, Emeritus KC Foundation Board Member

Carol Quenett, Retired KC Administrator

Dave Gommel, Current Employee

Dave Juday, Friend of the College

Dave Louis, Retired KC President

Doris Boey, Friend of the College

Ging Smith, Retired KC Administrator

Hannah Miller, Class of 2017

Jamiah Calvin, Class of 2016

Jerry Smith, Mayor of DeKalb

Joel Barczak, Owner Blumen Gardens

Katia Brindis Lopez, Class of 2017

Laurie Borowicz, Current KC President

Laurie Hoecherl, KC Faculty

Norm Jenkins, Retired KC President

Richard Ohlinger, Retired Founder & President, Lincoln State Bank

Suzanne Juday, Former KC Board of Trustees Chair

Terry Martin, Retired KC Faculty

Tim Carlson, Class of 1982

Tom Choice, Retired KC President