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Kishwaukee College is pleased that our community is saying such great things about the 50th Anniversary Celebration and the College. Here's a few of the testimonials we've received through emails!

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Lois Barshinger - Des Moines, Washington - Retired

Completed A.S. in Education, transferred on to NIU
" Attended 69-71 Remember the fun of phys ed in the town hall. Met my future husband here as well."

James Zucker - DeKalb, Illinois - Works at DeKalb High School

Completed A.A., transferred on to NIU
"When I first enrolled at Kish I thought I would just be going to classes then going home. After a few weeks I soon realized this would not be the case. The faculty created a loving place to make myself a better person. I would gain many friends through group activities and participating in the forensics team. I am the person I am today because of Kish."

Regina Fenton - Rochelle, IL - Works at Kishwaukee College

Completed A.A.S. in Office Systems
"I started school here at Kish as a single mom of 3 wondering where my life was going to take me. I am grateful to Kish giving me the support I needed as a student to succeed. I am very proud that I am now an employee here at Kishwaukee College."

Carol Wubbena - Forreston, IL - Works at Kishwaukee College

"Here is a story told often by one of my long-time coworkers, Judie Cochrane. This particular document is the transcription of a speech Judie gave on May 7, 1993, for a 25th Anniversary event. She began working for Kish in January 1969, just a few months after the College opened. She worked in the Library until February 2002. The Library was originally located in one of the temporary buildings, then moved to the main building in 1974. A few months after she gave this speech, in late summer 1993, she would have helped move the Library again into its current location. "

Emily Tsai - DeKalb, IL

Completed A.S., transferred on to NIU
"Celebrating our International Advisor, Joyce Manning's birthday with another international student. She made my transition from a different country to Kishwaukee College less nerve break as it seemed. She was like our mother from America, always welcomed us with opened arms and encouraging words. "

David Paulson - DeKalb, IL - Works at Kishwaukee College

Completed the E.M.T. Certificate
"I have fond memories in 1979 of sitting around in the fire pits on cold winter days between classes with friends. They were regularly lit at that time and offered a respite from the cold, drafty glass hallways of the College. The "après ski" culture was popular at that time, and I believe the chimneys were originally shiny red."

Courtney HuhtaCourtney Huhta - Sycamore, IL - Works at the Northern Star Newspaper

Completed a degree in Journalism, transferred on to NIU
"During my time at Kishwaukee College, I was able to get hands on experience in my field by writing for the school's newspaper The Kaleidoscope. I learned so much about the field of Journalism, and now I am applying my skills to my new job that is relating towards my career. I now work for NIU's school newspaper The Northern Star as a photographer, and I am working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I am also planning on serving in the U.S Army, specifically in public affairs. "

Caption: Michael Walt, pictured middle in blue.
MIchael Walt - DeKalb, IL - President and Owner of Walt LTD.

Certified in Tool and Die
"It wasn’t very long after the College’s opening, that me and the four other apprentices enrolled into classes and worked with the first industrial tech teacher, Mr. Hagan. In 1971, with the guidance of Mr. Hagan and the college itself, me and my fellow students became certified Tool and Die makers that would work in numerous industrial positions and plants. Not long after establishing myself in the industry, Kishwaukee approached me to come back to school but this time not as a student, but as an instructor. At that time, the industrial tech department was now lead by John Gruben and Bob Lawrence and they were looking for help with classes that were over flowing. Fast forward to the 90’s, thought I was and asked me to serve as a chairman to the Industrial Tech Advisory Board [at Kish]. Kishwaukee College has been a big part of my life. I will never forget where it all began and this past student, and fellow Kougar, will always remember the impact this school has had on my schooling, my job, and my life. I want to say “Thank You” for being there for me." Read the full testimonial.

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