50 for 50 Scholarship

The 50 for 50 Scholarship

Kishwaukee College Foundation is celebrating the College’s 50th Anniversary with a Special Giving Opportunity.

The goal of the 50 for 50 Scholarship Campaign is to raise $25,000 and award 50 scholarships for $500 for the Fall 2019 academic year.

Quick Facts

  • In FY17, 39% of Kish students received some type of financial aid, totalling $9,611,312.
  • In FY18, the Foundation received 653 scholarship applications and awarded 409 scholarships, totalling $339,000.
  • Tuition for a 3-credit hour standard course at the College costs $426.
  • 80% of Kish students enrolled in credit classes are residents of the District.

Donate to the 50 for 50 Scholarship Campaign Today!

Your generosity assists students now and impacts the future of our local community.

Call 815-825-9507 for more information.